Personal Archive: A Rejected Easter Cover; John Drummond, Cartoonist & Member of Ink Spill’s One Club Has Died; An Arno Mystery Solved

I’ve submitted a lot of cover ideas to The New Yorker over the years. Two were bought, but never ran, and two others were bought as cartoons (one ran, the other is still in the magazine’s archives). This Easter-themed submission, obviously done when I was in a Charles Addams mood,  never got a nibble from the editors.  But I’ve always liked it enough to drag it out this time of year.  It dates from the late 1980s — either the Robert Gottlieb era, or possibly the very end of the William Shawn era.  



D.D. Degg has informed Ink Spill that  John Drummond, passed away on April 11 at age 90.  Mr. Drummond, whose one appearance in The New Yorker qualified him as a One Club* member worked for a number of national magazines.  His one New Yorker drawing, shown here, appeared October 2, 1965.

Read his obit here.

A short profile here.


*Ink Spill‘s One Club is limited to cartoonists who were published just once in The New Yorker.  Their One Club status is noted on the members “New Yorker Cartoonists A-Z” entry by the red top-hatted fellow   Members qualify only after thirty years have passed since their one and only appearance.

(My thanks to Mr. Degg for the links to Mr. Drummond’s obit and profile. More links courtesy of Mr. Degg here. )


Just a few days ago, we wondered where this Peter Arno drawing appeared. Attempted Bloggery now has the answer. Find it here.








Six added to Ink Spill’s “One Club”


One Club icon











Something new:  alongside is the drawing that will appear (greatly reduced) within each Ink Spill One Club member’s listing on The New Yorker Cartoonists A-Z section of this site. With the addition of the six today, there are now 67 members of the One Club (the club is for cartoonists who, in their careers, contributed but one cartoon to The New Yorker).  When I began keeping track of these solo contributors, I thought perhaps, at most, there might be a dozen.

The names of six more cartoonists who contributed just one drawing to the magazine came to my attention this morning, thus qualifying them for instant membership.  At the moment (as I’ve yet to begin researching their biographies), I’ve zero information on these contributors, other than when their work appeared, just once, in the magazine.

Update: my thanks to Bob Eckstein for supplying information — now added to the A-Z — on Fabry, Drummond, and Enright.



John Drummond: October 2, 1965

E.K. Easton:  April 27, 1929

K.R.Edwards: April 3, 1926

E.J. Ellison: July 22, 1933

W.J. Enright: September 3, 1927

Jaro Fabry: March 2, 1935