Ed Steed’s Father John Misty Art; A Video Review of Francoise Mouly’s “Blown Covers”


From Arms Around the Stereo, April 16, 2017, “On Father John Misty and Ed Steed” (pictured here)this piece about Mr. Steed’s album cover art for Pure Comedy (Rolling Stone magazine recently gave the album a four star review). __________________________________________________________________________

From the Australian Cartoon Museum, April 17, 2017, this 40 minute video book review of Francoise Mouly’s  Blown Covers (published in 2012).   It’s oddly compelling listening to these two fellows talk about the art and and artists, about the book itself (its design, the way the content is presented, etc.).  See it here.

Ed Steed’s Album Art

Ed Steed jumps into the small pool of New Yorker cartoonists whose work has been featured on album covers (Thurber, Steig, Chast, and Sorel come readily to mind). Steed’s work appears on the upcoming release from Father John Misty. The cover is available in four variations (basically the sky is different in each while the drawing remains the same). Here’s an article from Paste about the album where you can see all four cover variations.