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From the always interesting Attempted Bloggery, this fun piece, with scans, about a signed copy of Lee Lorenz’s The Art of The New Yorker. (Mr. Lorenz was the Art Editor of The New Yorker from 1973 — 1993, then Cartoon Editor from 1993 — 1997).


Chris Beetles Gallery British Art of Illustration Includes Work by Sorel and Roth




The Chris Beetles Gallery (across the pond) is putting on, according to the gallery,  “the largest and most popular annual event worldwide for cartoon and illustration collectors.”

More from the Gallery:

One substantial section of the exhibition allows British illustration to be considered in the context of the parallel American tradition. The sinuous line of Al Hirschfeld (1903-2003) caught the essence of theatrical performance for over eight decades in his caricatures for The New York Times Similarly, David Levine (1926-2009) portrayed luminaries of the literary world for The New York Review of Books, including great writers from Akhmatova to Voltaire. This tradition is brought up to date by major examples of the work of those living masters, Ed Sorel and Arnold Roth – the second of whom will open the show with characteristic wit and aplomb.


(My thanks to Bob Eckstein for bringing this exhibit to my attention)

Lee Lorenz in Conversation with Edward Sorel; Kuper Pencilled & Panelled














Two heavy hitters, Lee Lorenz and Edward Sorel will share a stage on September 26th for an event billed “Drawing Sides: A Timely Conversation on Political Cartoons”   Details here.





Peter Kuper joins a very long list of New Yorker artists who’ve told us about their chosen tools of the trade on Jane Mattimoe’s terrif blog, A Case For Pencils. Read it here.


And speaking of Mr. Kuper, he’ll be appearing on a panel tonight at the New York Academy of Art. The discussion will center on the history and future of MAD magazine. nyaof-art-mad


The Outer Boroughs’ New Yorker Cartoonists: An Ink Spill Map

Joining two previous Ink Spill maps, The New Yorker’s New York, and New Jersey’s New Yorkers, is the Outer Boroughs’ New Yorker Cartoonists. Cartoonists included were born in the boroughs.  I’m fairly certain this is not a complete picture — corrections and suggestions always welcome (for instance: please advise if Staten Island had at least one native born New Yorker cartoonist).

[Click on the map to enlarge it].