“A Conversation with Lee Lorenz” at The Westport Historical Society

Lee Lorenz ( Pictured above. Photograph taken in 1995 by Liza Donnelly).

The Westport Historical Society, which has an ongoing exhibit, “The New Yorker in Westport,”  will present “A Conversation with Lee Lorenz”  on June 21st, at 4:00pm.  I’m delighted to be hosting the event, and look forward to sitting down with Mr. Lorenz for a talk about his long career at The New Yorker (he began contributing in 1958), his years as Art Editor and later, Cartoon Editor.

This event is not yet on the WHS calendar but please check out their website in the meantime.

Below is Ink Spill‘s “New Yorker Cartoonists A-Z” entry for Mr. Lorenz:

Born 1932, Hackensack, NJ. Lorenz was the art editor of The New Yorker from 1973 to 1993 and its cartoon editor until 1997. During his tenure, a new wave of New Yorker cartoonists began appearing in the magazine — cartoonists who no longer depended on idea men. Cartoon collections: Here It Comes (Bobbs-Merrrill Co., Inc. 1968) ; Now Look What You’ve Done! (Pantheon, 1977) ; The Golden Age of Trash ( Chronicle Books, 1987); The Essential series, all published by Workman: : Booth (pub: 1998), Barsotti ( pub: 1998), Ziegler (pub: 2001), The Art of The New Yorker 1925 -1995, (Knopf, 1995), The World of William Steig (Artisan, 1998). NYer work: 1958 — present. 

Abner Dean, Andre Francois, Alberto Fremura Added to Ink Spill’s New Yorker Cartoonists A-Z











Bentley Roberts, an Ink Spill visitor, has done some spectacular sleuthing these past months, going through all the New Yorker cartoons, beginning with the very first issue of the magazine. Because of his efforts, Andre Francois and Abner Dean have been added to this site’s New Yorker Cartoonists A-Z section.

Until Mr. Roberts emailed me yesterday I was unaware that each of these New Yorker cover artists had published a drawing in The New Yorker.

Mr. Roberts also came across a cartoonist unknown to me, Alberto Fremura, who had two drawings published in the magazine: August 13, 1960 & September 24, 1960. Mr. Fremura (pictured below) has also been added to the A-Z.












Website of Interest: Anne Hall Elser

Here’s a must go-to website for those interested in photographs of New Yorker cartoonists and writers.   Anne Hall Elser was a member of The New Yorker‘s editorial staff for decades, during which time she photographed a good number of the magazine’s contributors (including myself and my wife & colleague, Liza Donnelly).  Ms. Elser’s website gives you a glimpse of some of the magazine’s writers and cartoonists included in her portfolio.