Series: Pt4 Ronald Searle the Great; Field Trip to The New Yorker


From the ECC Cartoonbooks Club, February 15, 2012, “Ronald Searle the Great (Part 4)”.  Sorry, don’t know how I missed Parts 1, 2, and 3.  There are links to them at the bottom of the ECC’s page.


From A New York Sketchbook, February 16, 2012, “Field Trip: New Yorker Magazine” — a blogger recalls her visit to the magazine’s Cartoon Lounge, and her meeting with The New Yorker’s Cartoon Editor, Bob Mankoff.


Weekend Roundup: Chast, Bob Staake, Paul Wood, Thurber, Dorothy McKay, Clowes

From NYC-ARTs: The Complete Guide, “Selected Shorts: Roz Chast Presents ‘What I Hate dfrom A – Z'”  at Symphony Space,  February 8, 2012.  Details here.


From Wickedlocal, February 3, 2012, “Profile: Chatham artist Bob Staake”


From Sixtynine degrees, February 2012, “Paul Wood exhibition!”


From, February 5, 2012, “On the Record: A Thurber Carnival and ‘David Merrick Presents Hits From His Broadway Hits'” — this review of the recently released on disc soundtrack to  the Broadway production of A Thurber Carnival

And for those with some spare change, there’s this Thurber original currently on Ebay.



Speaking of Ebay, there’s also a Dorothy McKay being auctioned (although the listing says it’s a New Yorker drawing, it does not appear in the magazine’s database)


Book of Interest: from Abrams ComicArts, The Art of Daniel Clowes: Modern Cartoonist by Alvin Buenaventura due April 1, 2012.