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Emily Flake has begun her shift for newyorker.com’s  Daily Cartoon See it here. Mike Twohy was previous. Link to  Ms. Flake’s website here.




Here’s an interesting  post from the blog, Fishink, August 21, 2013, Cliff Roberts Mid century Illustrator of Jazz and Muppets” —   Mr Roberts was published four times in The New Yorker (His first: March 30, 1968. His last, below, was published June 20, 1970)

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New Yorker Blog Post of Interest; Rea Irvin Virgin Island Illustrations; 3 Days to go for Gahan Wilson Documentary Film Kickstarter Campaign; Shannon Wheeler and The Quarterly Vol. V
















From newyorker.com, August 7, 2013, “Performance Enhancement in Baseball” — an illustrated  post by Jason Novak and Mike Duncan. (Above: one of Mr. Novak’s drawings from the piece).




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Another interesting post from Attempted Bloggery, August 9, 2013,

“Rea Irvin: Vacationtime in the Virgin Islands”

— a look at a couple of recently auctioned Rea Irvin illustrations from the February 1954 Woman’s Day.















With just 3 days left, there’s no time like the present to kick in some dough to help fund the Kickstarter campaign for Steven Charles Jaffee’s documentary film, Gahan Wilson: Born Dead, Still Weird.









Here’s a very short interview with Shannon Wheeler regarding his work in The Quarterly Volume V.

Update: Gahan Wilson Documentary Film Kickstarter Drive; Fradon and Farris show work



With only 15 days to go, it’s time to check in on the Kickstarter fund drive for filmmaker Steven Charles Jaffe’s documentary,  Gahan Wilson: Born Dead Still Weird

Please visit the site (the pink link above) and if you can, help support this exceptionally worthy effort.









From The Newtown Bee, August 2, 2013, “A Not So Ordinary Art Show At Plain Jane’s” — this piece on an exhibit of work by four artists, including Dana Fradon and Joseph Farris.


More on the 20th Anniversary of Peter Steiner’s Internet/dog Cartoon; Anatol Kovarsky Redux

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From The Washington Post’s blog Comic Riffs, July 31, 2013, “‘Nobody Knows You’re a Dog’: As iconic Internet cartoon turns 20, creator Peter Steiner knows the joke rings as relevant as ever”



(Ink Spill spoke with Mr. Steiner back in early July about his cartoon)



Ink Spill visitors might remember my piece on Anatol Kovarsky from earlier in July. A version of the piece now appears on the New Yorker’s website, courtesy of the magazine’s Cartoon Editor, Bob Mankoff.   See it here.