Liza Donnelly curates exhibit; Chast speaks in Princeton; Gahan Wilson signs in NYC; Mankoff and Cartoon Violence

From Liza Donnelly’s blog, When Do They Serve The Wine, September 29, 2011, “International Cartoon and Humor Festival in France, 2011” (with slide show)


From Princeton Patch, September 30, 2011, “New Yorker Cartoonist Roz Chast to Speak at Library Benefit”

From Convention Scene, September 30, 2011, this post noting a signing by Gahan Wilson: NYC-Nuts Signing


From The Gothamist, September 29, 2011, “The New Yorker Admits To Troubling/Amusing Spike In Cartoon Body Count” — ( with a link to Bob Mankoff’s blog post on

New Yorker Festival cartoon events has listed (on its Festival Wire — requires sign up) its entire schedule  for this year’s New Yorker Festival (September 30, October 1 -2).  Cartoon events include a talk by Roz Chast (who will also sign her new book) and the return of the Cartoon Caption Contest Game, with host, Bob Mankoff and judges, Emily Flake, Paul Noth and Zachary Kanin.

In performance: Andy Friedman at Asbury Park; Mankoff on Cartoons and Hurricanes; and a diversion

From the blog, Sonic Garden, August  24, 2011, “An Evening with Andy Friedman: Celebrated Cartoonist – turned-Country-Crooner” ( Friedman, aka Larry Hat, will be appearing at Cafe Volan in Asbury Park, NJ Monday, October 3, 2011 @ 8 pm)


From, August 26, 2011, The New Yorker’s Cartoon Editor Bob Mankoff has posted “Cartoons for the Hurricane”


Also from, this diversion (from yours truly): “The Crossing” – a short Beatles-related post having nothing to do with New Yorker cartoons.