H. M. Bateman Added to Ink Spill’s One Club

38328611_BatemanThanks to the keen eye of Ink Spill visitor, Bentley Roberts, H.M. Bateman (pictured here) has been identified as a One Club member and added to Ink Spill‘s A-Z listing of New Yorker cartoonists.   As it’s been a little while since there was a One Club inductee, here’s a quick refresher.  Ink Spill‘s One Club membership is limited to cartoonists whose work appeared just once in The New Yorker.  Mr. Bateman qualifies — his only appearance was October 13, 1928.  To learn more about him link here.

Every One Club member is identified on Ink Spill‘s “New Yorker Cartoonists A-Z” in red and their entry is accompanied by this icon:

One Club icon


Extra reading: The New Yorker Cartoons of the Year 2013 (below) has a piece by yours truly (inadvertently credited to Bob Mankoff) on the One Club,  “The One & Done Club”

Cartoons o the year 2013

Kaamran Hafeez on Using Gag Writers; Westport Historical Society New Yorker Cover Artists Bio Pt.3: Helen Hokinson, Reginald Massie & Arthur Getz

Kaamran HafeezHere’s Kaamran Hafeez, who has been contributing to The New Yorker since 2010, on using gag writers and co-crediting their work.  The link will take you to his website where you’ll find all sorts of other information (a bio, work for other publications, etc.).

Here’s the link to his work on The New Yorker‘s Cartoon Bank site.

To the left: a Hafeez from The New Yorker February 27, 2012





Here are three more short bios from the Westport Historical Society exhibit, Cover Story: The New Yorker in Westport.  My thanks again to the Society for permission to post these on Ink Spill.

Cover Story