“The New Yorker Family Reunion Panel” at Westport Historical Society; Liana Finck signing A Bintel Brief at MoCCA Arts Fest; Bob Mankoff Book Tour Rolls On


“The New Yorker Family Reunion Panel” featuring children of Golden Age New Yorker artists, Alice Harvey, Perry Barlow, Edna Eicke, Arthur Getz and Whitney Darrow, Jr., Saturday, April 12th at The Westport Historical Society. Also on the panel: the children of James Geraghty, the magazine’s Art Editor from 1939 through 1973.  You can find examples of work by the artists on The New Yorker‘s Cartoon Bank site.






(photo of The New Yorker Albums by Michael Maslin)




A Bintel Brief















If you’d like to secure a copy of Liana Finck‘s soon-to-be-released book, A Bintel Brief, she’ll be at the MoCCA Arts Fest this weekend signing copies.

















Bob Mankoff, The New Yorker‘s current Cartoon Editor is on the road promoting his new book, How About Never — Is Never Good for You?  This latest report comes from The Princeton Packet.

New Yorker in Westport Redux; MoCCA Arts Fest 2014


From Connecticut Magazine, March 31, 2014, “When The New Yorker Moved to Connecticut; Westport a Hotbed for Covers”

Left: Garrett Price‘s cover for the December 19, 1947 issue
























Here’s all the info about the upcoming MoCCA Arts fest taking place this April 5th & 6th.  Browsing through the information on the site, I noted that Liana Finck (signing her new book, A Bintel Brief),  Shannon Wheeler, Peter Kuper and Francoise Mouly will be in attendance.

A Washington Post two-fer: Chast & Mankoff; Women in Comics Panel Discussion at SVA; Video: Karasik, Spiegelman & Co. at Comic Arts Brooklyn

51DlvVXiTiL._SX258_BO1,204,203,200_From The Washington Post, March 27, 2014, ” In veteran cartoonist Roz Chast’s hands, tale of aging parents is far from the same old story” — this piece by Michael Cavna.


Also by Michael Cavna, in The Washington Post, March 27, ” For cartoon editor, a New Yorker state of mind” 9780805095906













One other interesting read: from centraljersey.com, March 28, 2014, “Cartoon King”

While Ink Spill will be posting various articles related to Ms. Chast and Mr. Mankoff as promotional events continue for their respective books, it’s always best to visit their websites to keep up with their personal appearance schedules.

Roz Chast’s website

Bob Mankoff’s website





The School of Visual Arts (SVA) is hosting a panel discussion on April 1st “Strong Female Protagonists: Panel Discussion Featuring Women in Comics”

According to the SVA website:

This event brings together a diverse group of internationally recognized creators and editors for a discussion of the history and dynamics of women working as both creators and behind the scenes in American comics.





Karasik & Co.

Paul Karasik has posted a video of an event from Comic Arts Brooklyn back in November of 2013.  From the online description :
Celebrating the 20th anniversary of the comics adaptation of Paul Auster’s novel City of Glass, Mr. Auster, Paul Karasik (The New Yorker), David Mazzucchelli (“Asterios Polyp”), and Art Spiegelman (“Maus”) came together for the first time to discuss adapting the original novel into a graphic novel.

The video is seconds over an hour long.

 Paul Karasik’s blog



Twohy, Eckstein & Diffee among National Cartoonist Society Nominees

ncs_chromeThe National Cartoonists Society has just announced its  2013 Divisional Nominees.  Among the categories are Editorial Cartoons, Newspaper Illustration, Feature Animation, Comic Books, and Graphic Novels. In the Magazine Gag Cartoon category, three New Yorker cartoonists fill the slate: Bob Eckstein, Matt Diffee, and long time New Yorker contributor, Mike Twohy. Bob Eckstein is also nominated in the Newspaper Illustration category. Like Mr. Eckstein, Mike Twohy is a double nominee, with his work nominated in the Online-Short Form category. See all the categories and nominees here.

The winners will be announced May 24th at the Reuben Awards dinner in San Diego.


You can see much of Eckstein’s, Diffee’s and Twohy’s New Yorker work at the magazine’s Cartoon Bank.


Bob Eckstein

Matt Diffee

Mike Twohy

Video: Joe Dator Shows Us a Rejected New Yorker piece; On the Radio Today: Bob Mankoff & Jack Ziegler


Joe Dator


















From Dead Darlings (mentioned on Ink Spill earlier this month) this You Tube video of Joe Dator, who takes us through a two page spread rejected by The New Yorker.













This morning on the Colin McEnroe show,  “What It’s Like to (try to) Make Cartoons for The New Yorker” featuring Bob Mankoff and Jack Ziegler, among others You can listen here live.

Mimi Pond Talks to The Comics Reporter About Her New Memoir

OE_frontcoverIt seems 2014 is turning into the year of memoirs by cartoonists.  Just this week we saw the release of The New Yorker cartoon editor’s How About Never — Is Never Good For You? Roz Chast has one coming in early May (Can’t We Talk About Something More Pleasant?) And on April 15, the first volume of Mimi Pond’s memoirs, Over Easy, will be out.  Here’s a link to an excellent interview with her about her forthcoming book.

Ms. Pond’s work appeared in The New Yorker March 21, 1994 — a strip called “How Low Will You Go?”