Birthday of Interest: Bob Dylan…a look at New Yorker Cartoons mentioning the Bard


In honor of his 72nd birthday, here are links to four New Yorker cartoons mentioning Bob Dylan (if you have access to the magazine’s archive, seek out Nat Hentoff’s great Profile of Dylan in the October 24, 1964 issue)

Mick Stevens’ drawing, (above) published December 10, 2007

Michael Shaw’s drawing, published October 25, 2010

John S. P. Walker’s drawing,  published June 24, 1991

Danny Shanahan’s drawing,  published March 9, 1998


Video: Mankoff on Religion&Humor; Chast Draws Live; “Very Semi-Serious” website

From Moment Magazine, this short video from 2011 (posted May 2013): Bob Mankoff on the Connection Between Humor and Creativity”


From Elastic City,  “Elastic City Spring Benefit” Thursday May 23, 2013, 7:30pm – 10:30pm.  One of the participants is Roz Chast.



The website for Leah Wolchok’s “Very Semi-Serious” is underway, with some interesting items being added weekly.