Jon “Corka” Cornin Added to Ink Spill’s A-Z

Thanks to Mike Lynch, I’ve just become aware of the New Yorker cartoonist, Jon Cronin, who, with his wife Zena Kavin, as creative partner, contributed a handful of drawings to the magazine in the 1950s.  Somehow his name never came up in all of my explorations through the New Yorker‘s database.   To the left is his self portrait as included in the The Best Cartoons: 1945. And below is his first New Yorker cartoon as well as his brand new entry in the Spill’s A-Z.



Mr. Cornin’s A-Z entry:

Jon Cornin  aka Corka  Born NYC, March 24, 1905.  Died March 12, 1992, Oakland California. According to the self-penned(?) bio in 1945’s Best Cartoons , Cornin and his wife Zena Kavin worked as a team.  New Yorker work: seven drawings, October 27, 1951 through March 24, 1956. 





And here’s the complete 1945 Best Cartoons biographical info:

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