Bob Mankoff visits The Pete Holmes Show

Posted on 3rd May 2014 in News

Pete Holmes






The New Yorker‘s cartoon editor, Bob Mankoff was recently a guest on The Pete Holmes Show. Mr. Holmes, who has contributed cartoons to the magazine, showed Mr. Mankoff a batch of cartoons…including one already bought by The New Yorker.  There was a YouTube video of the segment, but sadly, it’s been taken down.  However, the entire show, including Mr. Mankoff’s appearance, can be found here on The  Pete Holmes Show website.

Pete Holmes on TBS; Paul Noth does the Daily Cartoon

Posted on 29th October 2013 in News

From magic space extreme, “Pete Holmes…I’m So Glad I’m Not a Magician”

— “The Pete Holmes Show” premieres today.




Paul Noth takes over the Daily Cartoon today.  Previous Daily cartoonists: David Sipress, Danny Shanahan, Mike Twohy, Chris Weyant and Emily Flake

Podcast: A conversation with Alex Gregory, Pete Holmes and Matt Diffee

Posted on 27th January 2012 in News

From You Made It Weird, January 27, 2012, this hour and twenty minute podcast featuring Alex Gregory and Matt Diffee in conversation with Pete Holmes.

Pizza Island over; Interview: Pete Holmes

Posted on 26th January 2012 in News

From, January 23, 2012, “The Disbanding of Pizza Island” — this post on the end of the studio once home to the likes of Karen Sneider and Kate Beaton.


From, January 26, 2012, “Interview: Pete Holmes”