Harry Bliss on being a Sendak Fellow: “It’s Quite an Honor…He Inspired the Hell Out of Me.”

Posted on 14th March 2014 in News



According to a Facebook post by Harry Bliss, he is a winner of the 2014 Sendak Fellowship.  From the Fellowship letter posted by Mr. Bliss:

The Fellowship was established in 2010 as a residency program for artists who tell stories with illustrations.”

Bliss has been contributing cartoons  and covers to The New Yorker since January of 1998.  Visit his website here.


I asked Mr. Bliss if he’d care to comment on winning the Fellowship and here’s how he responded today in an email:

“It’s quite an honor. I knew Maurice, he was a friend, and I miss him. He inspired the hell out of me…and depressed me, all the while making me laugh with his irreverent wit.

I’ll be in residence at Sendak’s farm in upstate New York this summer along with Fellow, Nora Krug for five weeks working on a graphic novel for Penguin, but I’m sure I’ll be filling up sketchbooks with water colors/drawings of some of the farm animals too.  Looking forward to it.” 

You can see some of Harry Bliss’  New Yorker work here on the magazine’s Cartoon Bank site.


Photo from Bliss’ New Yorker bio.

Peter Steiner’s “Hopeless But Not Serious” Returns; TCJ posts Sendak Tributes; Liza Donnelly’s Mother’s Day Forbes column

Posted on 11th May 2012 in News

Peter Steiner’s blog, Hopeless But Not Serious is back!   See it here.


Over at The Comics Journal the tributes to Maurice Sendak are pouring in.

Sendak, who passed away this past Tuesday at age 83, contributed one cover to The New Yorker, and in the same issue (September 27, 1993) contributed a two page spread, In The Dumps, co-written/drawn with Art Spiegelman. Mr. Sendak also contributed a Storyboard to the issue of January 18, 1993.


And…check out Liza Donnelly’s Forbes column on Mother’s Day, and while you’re there, scroll down for her take on the Time Magazine cover making news.