Ink Spill’s Fave Photo of the Day: Walsh, Schwartz & Dator; “I Only Read It For the Cartoons” Author to Speak at the New York Public Library

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Ink Spill’s Fave Photo of the Day (courtesy of Joe Dator):

Liam Walsh, Ben Schwartz and Joe Dator working on a podcast (a link to the podcast will be posted here once there’s a link to post)

JD & Co.





Richard Gehr, author of I Only Read It For the Cartoons will speak  at The New York Public Library on April 15th. The book is a collection of interviews with a bevy of the magazine’s artists including Sam Gross, Lee Lorenz, and Arnie Levin.

All the details here

A Case For Pencils with Wheeler

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This week, A Case For Pencils features the always entertaining Shannon Wheeler.

Various Exhibits: Liza Donnelly, Roz Chast, Michael Crawford

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Liza Donnelly is among those exhibiting in this group show. Info below:

GRAND OPENING ON APRIL 18TH, 2015 AT 7:00PM: ALUNA ART FOUNDATION OPENS NEW HEADQUARTER WITH AN EXHIBITION CYCLE ON TRUTH AND CENSORSHIP. “Parriastes: The Cutting Edge of Truth. 26 graphic communicators on censorship and freedom of thought”

From the press release:

“Parriastes: The Cutting Edge of Truth”

A selection of works from 25 renowned graphic humorists and editorial illustrators from America,
Europe, Africa and Asia, on the topic of censorship and freedom of thought.

Aluna Art Foundation
1393 S. W. 1st Street, Miami Fl. 33135

Link here for more info:


Currently at the Danese Corey Gallery: “Something More Pleasant” — an exhibit of Roz Chast’s drawings, textiles and dyed eggs.  Link here for info.






Dallas NO. 3_T11 Michael Crawford is part of an exhibition at The Carrie Haddad Gallery in Hudson, NY.  The show runs from April 22 – May 31.  Details here.

Three New Yorker Cartoonists are National Cartoonists Society “Silver Reuben” Nominees

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NCS logo






On May 23rd, the National Cartoonists Society will present its Silver Reuben to either Liza Donnelly, Ed Steed or Ben Schwartz  in the category of gag cartoons.   Go here to see the full list of nominees in all the categories.

Congratulations to all!

Daedalus Books Celebrates The New Yorker’s 90th; More on the Art Young Exhibit

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This is fun: Daedalus Books & Music has gathered together a bunch of New Yorker related books  on its site in honor of the magazine’s 90th birthday. Go see!



AYFrom, March 31, 2015, “Bethel Cartoonist: First Gallery Exhibit Since 1939″ — this piece on the Art Young show in Bethel, Connecticut.

NY Comics & Picture-Story Symposium; A Very Close Look at the March 28, 1925 New Yorker

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Ink Spill has a history of sometimes traveling afield (but not too far & afield) from New Yorker cartoonist territory.  Here’s an event kindly brought to my attention: The New York Comics & Picture-story Symposium. Link here to their program — the next event is scheduled for March 31st.

(My thanks to Ben Katchor for the link)


Screen+Shot+2015-03-25+at+10.22.27+AMAttempted Bloggery is now up to The New Yorker’s sixth issue in its fascinating series of close-looks.   Go see!

More Koren, More Chast & Attempted Bloggery’s Latest Close Look

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VisualArts1-1From Seven Days, March 18, 2015, “Vermont Cartoonist Laureate Ed Koren Has a ‘New Yorker’ Show.”

And don’t forget this upcoming  event at The New School on March 26th: “We Deal With It By Talking About It” — Richard Gehr in conversation with Edward Koren.




From CNBC, March 19, 2015, “The New Yorker Magazine’s Roz Chast to Keynote Chicago Institute for Psychoanalysis Annual Benefit”


Cartoons of the Year

Attempted Bloggery continues its wonderful close look series with a look through The New Yorker’s Cartoons of the Year 2014.


Christopher Weyant & Kids Books; A Close Look at the 4th New Yorker; Liam Walsh on Pencils

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Chris Weyant

You are not









From, March 18, 2015, “Glen Rock Author and Illustrator Pen Children’s Book–this piece on Christopher Weyant and Anna Kang.



Screen+Shot+2015-03-15+at+5.48.30+PMAttempted Bloggery continues its series of close looks at the earliest issues of The New Yorker.  Now up for inspection: Issue #4, with another Rea Irvin cover (left).











A Case For Pencils, a fun site devoted to cartoonists tools of the trade features the one-and-only Liam Walsh.    Liam

Ward Sutton Guest Edits Society of Publication Designers Blog; Steig Album Cover Art at RISD Exhibit

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WardWard Sutton’s been guest editing SPD’s blog all week, conducting short interviews with some familiar names.  Go see!

Link to Mr. Sutton’s website.


Steig lps 1Steig lps 2


Back in February, Ink Spill noted an exhibit of illustrated album covers at the Rhode Island School of Design. Paul Karasik(who teaches at RISD) sent in these photos of the William Steig covers on display.

Finck’s Trio on The Toast; Attempted Bloggery’s Close Look at the 3rd New Yorker; Farley Katz on Pencils

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LFCan’t get enough of Liana Finck’s wonderful drawings? Well now you can see three at once on The Toast.

Ms. Finck’s website



Attempted Bloggery continues its close look at The New Yorker’s earliest issues. Today it’s issue #3

(left: a glimpse of Rea Irvin’s cover for the third issue)





FKA Case For Pencils continues its look at the tools of the trade with Farley Katz — the 10th New Yorker cartoonist in the series.

Mr. Katz’s website