When Great Cartoonists Think Alike; Audio: WAMC’s Arno interview

Posted on 2nd May 2016 in News

ArnoSoglowAttempted Bloggery takes a closer look at two similar but different cartoons by two very different cartoonists, Peter Arno and Otto Soglow. Read it here.




And speaking of Peter Arno, here’s an audio link to an Arno interview conducted this morning by Joe Donahue on WAMC, a Northeast  Public Radio station.

Marisa Acocella Marchetto Celebrated at FIDM Los Angeles May 4th

Posted on 1st May 2016 in News

6fc3355abcMarisa Acocella Marchetto will be celebrated this coming Wednesday in Los Angeles at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (FIDM). Her latest book, Ann Tenna, is shown below.

All the event details here.

Link here to Ms. Marchetto’s website

Link here to see her New Yorker work on the magazine’s Cartoon Bank site.

Ann Tenna

New York Post on the Roz Chast Museum of the City of NY Exhibit: “Hilariously Nuts”; More Peter Arno

Posted on 30th April 2016 in News

rozFrom The NY Post, April 30, 2016, “This Cartoon Museum Exhibit is Hilariously Nuts”

— a piece about the retrospective of Roz Chast‘s work at the Museum of The City of New York.



More from the Department of Self-promotion:


Was in my home state of New Jersey this past Thursday for an Arno event at Books & Greetings, an indie  bookstore in Northvale, hard by the New York State border.  Was greeted by the sight of the poster pictured here, the size of which, I’m sure, would’ve pleased Arno himself.  Thanks to those who attended and to Kenny and company for such a nice reception!

One further note:

I’ll be the guest of Joe Donahue on Public Radio Station WAMC’s  “Roundtable” on Monday, May 2 at 11:30 am. We, of course, will be discussing Peter Arno.

Jason Adam Katzenstein’s Campfire Music

Posted on 28th April 2016 in News

CAMP-MIDNIGHT-by-Steven-T-Seagle-artist-Jason-Adam-Katzenstein-f7312-thumb-500x658-451765Jason Adam Katzenstein, a relative newcomer to the pages of The New Yorker, has illustrated Steven T. Seagal’s new book, Camp Midnight. Paste asked Mr. Katzenstein to provide a playlist for campfire nights. Read/see/listen here.

Gerberg Pencilled

Posted on 27th April 2016 in News

Art businessJane Mattimoe’s great blog, A Case For Pencils continues with veteran cartoonist, Mort Gerberg Read it here.

Link to Mr. Gerberg’s website here.

R. Crumb: “…Born Weird”; Kim Warp Does The Daily Cartoon

Posted on 25th April 2016 in News

CrumbFrom The Guardian, April 24, 2016, this interview, “Robert Crumb: ‘I Was Born Weird'”






Tilley Watch...





Daily logo






The fabulous Kim Warp is now in charge of The New Yorker‘s Daily Cartoon.  See her Daily work here.


Ms. Warp’s website.

Her New Yorker work as seen on the magazine’s Cartoon Bank site.

Below, a Warp cartoon from the April 6th 2015 New Yorker

Warp April 2015

Video: Noth & Dernavich in Princeton; After the All-Trump Cartoon Issue… All-Kasich, All-Clinton, All-Cruz Cartoon Issues?

Posted on 23rd April 2016 in News

princeton drew paulHere’s a short video of Paul Noth and Drew Dernavich doing their thing at McCormick Hall in Princeton last Thursday.

Link here to Mr. Noth’s website

Link here to Mr. Dernavich’s website

Paul & Drew

[Paul Noth on the left, and Drew Dernavich. All photos courtesy of Attempted Bloggery‘s Stephen Nadler]














Tilley Watch...…By now, most everyone has had a week to absorb the all-Trump cartoon issue of The New Yorker (the issue of April 25th). There’s even a short video about it. Do we have all-Kasich, all-Clinton, all-Cruz cartoon issues in store for us in these last few months of campaigning?

Karasik’s William Hamilton Tribute

Posted on 21st April 2016 in News

HAMILTON1Ink Spill will continue to post New Yorker cartoonists tributes to our colleague William Hamilton, who passed away April 8 of this year.

Link here to Paul Karasik’s Hamilton piece on his blog, Rules To Vivre By.

NBC Covers Liza Donnelly Live Tweet Drawing the NY Primary

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NBC News visited Liza Donnelly at her upstate home last night and watched  Ms. Donnelly live tweet draw memorable New York Primary moments.

Reporter, Lauren Prince observed:

Donnelly, a pioneer of on-the-fly sketching of live events — an art she calls “tweet-drawing” — spent the night watching the returns roll in from her living room. She had a fully charged large format iPad on her lap, two styluses at the ready, her laptop open at her side and her cellphone plugged in.

Read the rest of Ms. Prince’s piece here.





















Out Today! Peter Arno: The Mad Mad World of The New Yorker’s Greatest Cartoonist

Posted on 19th April 2016 in News

Arno cover














My thanks to Karen Green of Columbia University for last night’s wonderful send-off for Arno at Butler Library.  And thanks too to Edward Sorel for co-piloting the program with me.

A big thank you to all who attended, including those from my New Yorker family: Roxie Munro, George Booth, Tom Bloom, Sam Gross, Robert Leighton, Felipe Galindo, David Borchart, Liza Donnelly, Peter Kuper and Bob Eckstein.

From the book’s afterword, where 60 New Yorker cartoonists talk about Arno,  here’s what George Booth had to say:

 Peter Arno’s work stands out and holds up in the test of time. His drawings and words were never timid, or just clever. They stated high quality, joy, confidence, strength, style, humor, idea, life, simplicity. His color was right; black and white became color. His cartoons were researched, with words well applied. The communication was clear and timely. He knew what he was doing. Peter Arno was an artist who gave something of value to the world. A hero.