New Yorker Festival’s Cartoon Events

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festSeveral cartoon-related events at this year’s New Yorker festival:

Friday, October 2nd: a showing of Very Semi-Serious, a documentary film featuring some of the magazine’s cartoonists, followed by a panel discussion including Liana Finck, Emily Flake, Mort Gerberg and the magazine’s current cartoon editor, Bob Mankoff. Moderated by Roz Chast.   Details here.

BobRCSaturday, October 3rd: Matt Diffee talks, shows his cartoons, and plays music.  Details here.

(pictured: Bob Mankoff & Roz Chast)

Feiffer, Donnelly, and Kuper to Speak at The Association of American Editorial Cartoonists Convention; In Conversation: Arnie Levin & Sam Gross

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AAEC2015-inkbottleLiza Donnelly, Peter Kuper and Jules Feiffer (who will appear via Skype) will speak this weekend at the 2015 AAEC convention.  Details here.








Gehrbookcover_000Sam Gross and Arnie Levin will appear in conversation with Richard Gehr, the author of I Only Read It For the Cartoons (Sept.15 at The Wasserman Jewish Studies Center). Details here.

Ken Krimstein’s Tools of the Trade on Pencils Blog

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tumblr_inline_ntp414f2f01sj0qh6_500Ken Krimstein is next up on the blog A Case For Pencils. An excellent post! Read it here.

Book of Interest: Jason Polan’s Every Person in New York; Two Interviews: Marisa Acocella Marchetto, Roz Chast; Evan Forsch’s Coloring Book

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Just out from Chronicle Books, Jason Polan‘s Every Person in New York.

Further reading: Here’s a profile of Mr. Polan in Vice from September of last year

(my thanks to Bob Eckstein for bringing this to my attention)

















From WWD, August 20, 2015, “Marisa Acocella Marchetto Returns with ‘Ann Tenna: A novel'”




cover-book11nf_chast_credit_bill_franzenFrom The Recorder, August 19, 2015, “Roz Chast: a born cartoonist”






evan CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform has just published Coloring Magic by Evan Forsch.

Link here to Mr. Forsch’s website

Chris Weyant’s Excellent Boston Adventure; Donnelly, Mankoff to Speak at University of Rhode Island; Sam Gross, Rick Meyerowitz on Lampoon Panel at The Society of Illustrators; Barbara Smaller on Pencils Blog

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Chris WeyantFrom Editor & Publisher, August 18, 2015, ” Digital Publishing: Time For a Reinvention” — an article featuring Chris Weyant. Click here to read more.. »

Joe Dator’s Pencil Post

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tumblr_inline_nsz46eu3hQ1sj0qh6_500Joe Dator is the most recent New Yorker cartoonist to tell all about his tools of the trade on A Case For PencilsRead it here.

Book of Interest: King of the Comics

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KFS_cvr-MOCKONLY-659x851King of the Comics: One Hundred Years of King Features Syndicate, due in November from IDW Publishing (they’re the folks who brought us the fabulous Cartoon Monarch: Otto Soglow and The Little King), this looks to be a must have for every cartoon library. Do  Peter Arno’s Whoops Sisters, syndicated briefly by King in the 1930s,  make an appearance?  We’ll just have to wait and see.

Mitra Farmand on A Case For Pencils: “Here’s My One New Yorker Cartoon…I Hope Someday to Have Two…”

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1924251_34140592229_9887_nThis week on the blog A Case For Pencils, a new New Yorker contributor, Mitra Famand talks about her tools of the trade.  Link here to see the post.

Link here to Ms. Farmand’s website.

Tom Toro on His Second Time Around Doing The Daily…and His New Website; Kaamran Hafeez Begins The Daily

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Tom Toro (left) has handed off The New Yorker‘s Daily Cartoon to Kaamran Hafeez.  I asked Tom, who has now done the Daily twice, how it was for him the second time around.  Here’s what he said:

The evenings, mornings, afternoons, I have measured out my life with Daily ‘Toons.  And coffee.  That too.  It was a hectic midsummer, luckily for my second go-round at the helm of the Daily, six weeks stuffed full with excellent topics to satirize: the Supreme Court handing down landmark decisions every fifteen seconds, Republican candidates replicating like a beheaded hydra, the Pluto flyby, Comic Con, and on a personal level the arrival of my firstborn son.  I survived the insanity by using every trick in the cartoonist’s handbag (and some stolen from the doula’s), while taking advantage of the freer format offered by web publishing to manage the job on the road.  It was a whirlwind.  Now I’m home again.  My tenure has ended.  Nap time.

Link here to visit Mr. Toro’s new website

A Thurber Letter to His Lawyer; David Borchart on Pencils; An Interview with Matt Diffee; A Documentary on Cartoonists to be Televised

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7624093370_6fe323560c_oFrom Letters of Note,  “Sure, Go Ahead”– this letter from James Thurber to his lawyer.

Link here to the Thurber House in Columbus, Ohio.






The blog, A Case For Pencils, features David Borchart, one of the very best new wave New Yorker cartoonists.

Link here to see the post.

Link to Mr. Borchart’s New Yorker work on the magazine’s Cartoon Bank website.






From The Huffington Post, July 30, 2015, this short interview:  “New Yorker Cartoonist Matthew Diffee on His Book: Hand-Drawn Jokes for Smart Attractive People”




Screen shot 2014-07-13 at 3.06.28 PM

Very Semi-Serious, a documentary film exploring the workings of a handful of  New Yorker cartoonists has been picked up by HBO. Here’s Indiewire‘s story about it.  [left: Mort Gerberg, one of the cartoonists profiled in the film]