Index to The New Yorker’s Cartoons of the Year 2015

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NYer Cartoons of the Year 2015







For those of you who like to know who’s where in The New Yorker’s  Cartoons of the Year,  here is Ink Spill’s  Index  for the 2015 edition (there is no Index in the publication).







Armstrong, Rob  31

Barsotti, Charles  6, 33, 121

Bliss, Harry  56, 80, 87, 127, 129

Borchart, David  125

Byrnes, Pat  76

Chast, Roz  4, 35, 41, 91, 95, 114-120,

Cheney,Tom 32, 89, 131

Chitty, Tom 73

Cotham, Frank 8, 92, 95, 107, 133, 140, 141

Crawford, Michael  25, 40, 50, 54, 57, 58

Cullum, Leo 33, 135

Dator, Joe 22, 55, 100

Davis, Matthew Stiles 19

Dernavich, Drew  73, 129, 133, 134

Diffee, Matthew 96, 138

Eckstein, Bob  39, 41, 97, 110

Farmand, Mitra 21

Finck, Liana 29, 60-62, 90, 113

Fisher, Ed   144

Flake, Emily 16-17, 37, 65, 74, 82, 109, 122, 123, 131

Gregory, Alex 34, 36, 140

Gross, Sam 56

Haefeli, William 34, 37, 38, 64, 69, 71, 72

Hafeez, Kaamran 3 8, 108, 137, 142

Hamilton, William 32

Hankin, Charlie 20, 42, 78, 80, 82, 85, 112, 124

Harris, Sid 109

Johnson, Carolita 42

Kanin, Zach 7, 10, 19, 26, 29, 34, 70, 138

Kaplan, Bruce Eric  9, 28, 74, 94, 99, 100

Katz, Farley  40, 97, 122

Katzenstein, Jason Adam  24, 81

Klossner, John  91, 134

Koren, Edward  23, 136

Krimstein, Ken  21, 71

Leighton, Robert  12, 75, 78, 130

Levin, Arnie  32

Mankoff, Robert 36, 65, 128

Maslin, Michael  25, 27, 33, 124

McPhail, Will 127

Miller, Warren  31

Noth, Paul 11, 63, 65, 83, 95, 108, 110, 112, 126, 137

O’Brien, John  140

Panckeri, Drew  7

Pandolph, Corey  20

Schwartz, Ben  37, 79, 86, 107, 121, 139

Shanahan, Danny  5, 58, 113, 135 and the cover

Shaw, Michael 12, 54

Sipress, David  64, 93, 98

Smaller, Barbara  9, 13, 51, 67, 69, 70, 72, 75, 106, 111

Spaulding, Trevor  53, 94

Steed, Edward  27, 43–49, 52, 79, 83, 84, 126

Steinberg, Avi 15

Steiner, Peter 30

Stevens, Mick  3, 22, 28, 52, 76, 85, 88, 98, 135

Toro, Tom  15, 18, 53, 86,

Twohy, Mike  51, 92, 142

Vey, P.C.  6, 10, 13, 14, 35, 111, 128, 129, 139, 141

Walsh, Liam  26, 77, 87, 93, 125

Warp, Kim  57, 71

Wertz, Julia 101-105

Weyant, Christopher  67

Wheeler, Shannon  36, 59

Wilson, Gahan  31, 132

Ziegler, Jack  14, 66, 68, 81, 99, 121, 122, 125, 133, 135



Evolution of The New Yorker Cartoon Album

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NYer Cartoons of the Year 2015




Now in its fifth year, The New Yorker’s Cartoons of the Year (2015 edition) is the latest entry in the magazine’s long tradition of gathering its drawings between two special edition  covers (up until 2010 the covers were hard; since 2010 they’ve been soft). The Cartoons of the Year all differ from their hardcover predecessors in that they include special multi-page features, and advertisements. In 2007 through 2009, something called The Cartoon Yearbook was published.

The Albatross_0001_NEW




The Yearbooks, large format hardcover books, were reminiscent of the cartoon Albums the magazine has published throughout its history, beginning with the first Album, in 1928.  (I stacked the entire collection of those and photographed them a few years ago).



Here’s a complete list of the Albums, Yearbooks and Cartoons of the Year:

The New Yorker Album (1928)

The Second New Yorker Album (1929)

The Third New Yorker Album (1930)

The Fourth New Yorker Album (1931)

The Fifth New Yorker Album (1932)

The Sixth New Yorker Album (1933)

The Seventh New Yorker Album (1935)

The 1937 New Yorker Album

The 1940 New Yorker Album

The 1942 New Yorker Album

The New Yorker War Album (1942)

The New Yorker 25th Anniversary Album (1951)

The New Yorker Album 1950 -1955 * this edition contains color covers.

The New Yorker Album of Sports & Games (1958)

The New Yorker Album 1955- 1965

The New Yorker Album of Art & Artists (1970)

The New Yorker Album of Drawings 1925 – 1975

The New Yorker Album of Drawings 1975 1985  *also published in paperback

*The Art of The New Yorker 1925 – 1995,  by Lee Lorenz.  Not an anthology, a history.  In effect it replaced the publication of what would have been the magazine’s 70th Anniversary Album.

The New Yorker 75th anniversary Cartoon Collection !925 - 2000

The Complete Cartoons of The New Yorker (2004) Includes two discs.

The Complete Cartoons of The New Yorker (paperback, slightly updated version of the 2004 edition.  Includes one disc) (2006)

The New Yorker Cartoon Yearbook 2007

The New Yorker Cartoon Yearbook 2008

The New Yorker Cartoon Yearbook 2009

The New Yorker Cartoons of the Year 2010

The New Yorker Cartoons of the Year 2011

The New Yorker Cartoons of the Year 2012

The New Yorker Cartoons of the Year 2013

The New Yorker Cartoons of the Year 2014

The New Yorker 90th Anniversary Book of Cartoons (2015) (Not a book, but a magazine, or what is sometimes referred to as a “bookazine.”)

The New Yorker Cartoons of the Year 2015


Note: to see scans of the Album covers (and one of the Yearbooks, but not the Cartoons of the Year), visit Chris Wheeler’s great site .

Danny Shanahan Speaks; David Sipress Moderates D.C. Forum on Political Cartoons

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Danny-1Josh-900x771A report on Danny Shanahan‘s recent talk at Western Illinois University.

Link here to Mr. Shanahan’s website.

Link here to see some of his work on The New Yorker‘s Cartoon Bank site.

[photo: Josh Defibaugh]



na_logo_2xDavid Sipress will moderate the 11th Annual McGowan Forum on Communications: “Drawn From the Headlines: Communication and Political Cartoons.”  Details here.

Cast of Characters Excerpt: “How Cartoons Helped Define The New Yorker”

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CastofCharactersCoverIVHere’s an excerpt from Thomas Vinciguerra’s  just released Cast of Characters: Wolcott Gibbs, E.B. White, James Thurber, and The Golden Age of The New Yorker: How Cartoons Helped Define The New Yorker

New Yorker’s Cartoon Department Assistant & a New Yorker Cartoonist in Japan: A Graphic Account

Posted on 8th November 2015 in News

Screen shot 2015-11-08 at 12.43.29 PMAn account in text and illustrations  of a visit to Japan by Colin Stokes (the New Yorker’s cartoon department assistant) and Ed Steed (a cartoonist with the magazine).

Liza Donnelly Interviews Caroline’s Comedy Club Founder; More Remnick on The New Yorker Radio Hour

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Liza Donnelly’s Forbes series of interviews with the funny women of comedy continues with “The Power of Comedy: An Interview with Comedy Maven, Caroline Hirsch, Founder of Carolines”

Also: Look for Ms. Donnelly on next week as she live draws from various events during The New York Comedy Festival.

Ms. Donnelly’s website


NewYorkerRadioHour_TempMarquee-1From Boston Magazine, “The New Yorker is Secretly a Magazine About Boston” — this interview with David Remnick.


The New Yorker’s First Nipples

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Eldon KelleyIf you’ve watched the latest Cartoon Lounge video, “Nakedity and Nudedness” you’ll note there’s some particular  attention paid not just to nudity but to nipples. Although we tend to think of The New Yorker as generally shying away from both, it’s interesting to note that the magazine took no time at all diving into nudity and nipples. Both appeared in the magazine in its very first issue, February 21, 1925: nudity on page three in a spot drawing by an unidentified artist, and nipples in a drawing by the artist, Eldon Kelley on page four (the drawing is shown, in part, above).


Nude spot

Tom Toro’s Mystery Rea Irvin Drawing; More Spills with Pat Byrnes, Bob Mankoff, BEK, Gilded-Age Cartoonists & More

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Every so often, someone runs into a cartoon mystery.  This time it’s New Yorker cartoonist, Tom Toro.  Here’s Tom to explain:


Calling all cartoon sleuths! There’s a mystery afoot.  I managed to get my sticky paws on an original Rea Irvin drawing but I can’t figure out where it was published or what the caption is.



Does anybody out there know?  It didn’t appear in The New Yorker – if their Complete Cartoons archive is indeed complete.  The only other clues to go on are these stamps that appear on the back of the drawing:


Richard McCallister stamp


As a reward for the correct answer I’ll offer a signed finish of my own.  Thanks for your help, Ink Spillers!


If you can solve Tom’s mystery please use the contact button on this site. I’ll forward your message to Tom.





More Spills Icon Edited







Pat Byrnes will be in conversation with Bob Mankoff in Chicago, November 7th. Details here….

BEK (Bruce Eric Kaplan) is interviewed on a New Jersey television station.  See it here

In Palm Beach, Florida, an exhibit of some cartoonist forefathers (no foremothers  as far as I can tell from the post).  Details here

Jane Mattimoe has a new Case For Pencils post up with a cartooning duo, Dan Abromowitz & Eli Dreyfus See it here.






Holy Happenstance, Batman!

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Bat light MM










In This Economy 8-4- TomTSharp-eyed New Yorker cartoon followers will notice that the magazine recently ran two Bat-Signal drawings: one by Danny Shanahan  in this most recent issue, and one last week by Ben Schwartz.  A quick glance at the magazine’s Cartoon Bank archive turned up only two previous efforts, but I have a feeling — in fact I’m almost certain — there are more. The two I found on the CB site: a Joe Dator drawing in the issue of July 23, 2012, and one by the magazine’s former Cartoon Editor, the great Lee Lorenz, in the issue of November 15, 2010.

What’s always interesting to me is when several cartoonists work on similar out-of-the ordinary themes in roughly the same time frame. I submitted the above Bat-Signal drawing this past September (it was rejected).  The caption was something like, “Oops, sorry, wrong signal.” In this case, I missed out on the publishing party but was definitely breathing the same Bat-air as my colleagues, Danny and Ben.  If any other colleagues worked on Bat-Signal drawings these past few months, let me know — I’d be happy to post them.  Let me know as well if anyone can locate more from the archives.


Tom Toro has sent in the above Bat/pizza-Signal drawing; he submitted it to The New Yorker in August of this year. My thanks to Tom.

Ben Schwartz noted on Facebook that our colleague, Kaamran Hafeez recently posted a Bat-Signal drawing on the magazine’s online Daily Cartoon.  You can see it here . The drawing appeared October 28, 2015.

Note: My thanks to Joe Dator for indirectly bringing it to my attention that the proper term is Bat-Signal, not Bat-lite.

“Cast of Characters” Author Thomas Vinciguerra to Speak & Sign

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CastofCharactersCoverIVOut now, and receiving applause from critics.

See Mr. Vinciguerra speak (and have him sign your copy of his book)  at the Corner Bookstore on 93rd  & Madison Avenue, November 11th. Details here.