Politics & Comics Panel at Columbia

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Karen Green, Graphics Novel Librarian at Columbia University, will host this event featuring the editorial cartoonist, Jeff Danzinger, and New Yorker cartoonists, Peter Kuper and Liza Donnelly.

Link here to Peter Kuper’s website

Link here to Liza Donnelly’s website

Link here to Jeff Danzinger’s website

Donnelly Speaks

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This notice from Vanderbilt University about an upcoming appearance by Liza Donnelly, who was a finalist for The Thurber Prize for American Humor.

Link here to Ms. Donnelly’s New Yorker work on the magazine’s Cartoon Bank site.

Link here to her website, lizadonnelly.com

Video: New Yorker’s Cartoon Editor on the Caption Contest

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Bob talk








Here’s The New Yorker’s current cartoon editor, Bob Mankoff speaking (for about 15 minutes) about the magazine’s popular Caption Contest.

Link here to Bob Mankoff’s New Yorker work on the magazine’s Cartoon Bank site.

Link here to Mr. Mankoff’s website.

Gerberg’s Art Party

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clubhouseFrom bergino.com, “Up next in the Clubhouse: Thursday October 23 / 6:00 – 9:00PM Fall Art Party ‘The Mind of Mort Gerberg’ legendary New Yorker Cartoonist”

Gerberg’s first New Yorker drawing appeared in the April 10, 1965 issue.

Link here to Mort Gerberg’s New Yorker work on the magazine’s Cartoon Bank site.

Link here to visit his website.

Spiegelman, Burns, Tomine, Chast & more at Comics Arts Brooklyn

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cab_poster_finalSM-632x1028From The Comics Beat, “Comics Arts Brooklyn Festival announces programming with Burns, Spiegelman, Chast, more”

–the event takes place November 8th and 9th.

New Yorker Artists Converse in San Fran; Partying with Mick Stevens

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From LitQuake, notice of an event in San Francisco, October 15th: “Every Picture Tells A Story: New Yorker Artists in Conversation” — the artists are Tom Toro, Mark Ulriksen, Eric Drooker, and Owen Smith






And the guest blogs continue over at newyorker.com. This week it’s Party Time With Mick Stevens”

Link here to Mick Stevens’ website

Link to Mick’s work on The New Yorker’s Cartoon Bank  site.

A Surprise By Way of E.B. White’s “The Lady Is Cold”

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The Lady is Cold

Late yesterday afternoon two New Yorker cartoonists (oh, all right, it was my wife, Liza Donnelly & I) were walking across the street from The Plaza Hotel, when I realized we were near the statue of Pomona (the goddess of abundance) that stands atop the Pulitzer Fountain on The Grand Army Plaza. I wanted a closer look at Pomona because of a series of events earlier this year that resulted in a surprise addition to Ink Spill’s New Yorker Cartoonists A-Z .

Back in the Spring I happened upon and fell in love with E.B. White’s poem, “The Lady is Cold”; the lady who is cold, is in fact, the very same Pomona situated on top of the Pulitzer Fountain. I soon discovered that the poem was also the title of White’s first book (published in 1929), a collection of his poems that had appeared in The New Yorker as well as FPA‘s column, “The Conning Tower.”

The book’s cover, depicting Pomona outside The Plaza, was by someone I’d never heard of, a fellow named Ernest F. Hubbard. From Scott Elledge’s excellent biography of E.B.White I then learned that Mr. Hubbard was a friend of White’s wife (legendary New Yorker editor Katharine White) as well as a contributor of short pieces to the magazine.  Ernest Hubbard was also — surprise! — a New Yorker cartoonist. Had it not been for the poem, I doubt I would’ve ever known about Mr. Hubbard. His two drawings were published in 1926, the first in the October 30th issue  and the second in the issue of November 6th. The latter appears below.


Radio Interview of Interest: David Remnick

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From WNYC’s Brian Lehrer Show, October 8, 2014, The New Yorker Festival’s Big Ideas” — this twenty-six minute interview with The New Yorker’s editor, David Remnick.  A fun listen, with much talk of commas.

Ian Frazier on Steinberg’s 100th; New Yorker’s Daily Cartoon: Sipress Redux; New Yorker Publisher on the magazine’s Festival

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St.From newyorker.com, October 8, 2014,  “Saul Steinberg At One Hundred” — this short piece by Ian Frazier. Mr. Frazier, a long-time contributor to The New Yorker,  will moderate a panel discussion on Steinberg at the New Yorker Festival, at noon, October 12.  Details here.




Ben Schwartz has handed the New Yorker’s online Daily Cartoon baton to David Sipress, who, Daily fans will recall, has occupied the space before.



NYer FestFrom Adweek, October 6, 2014,  “How the New Yorker’s Festival Has Become a Magnet for Brands”  — The New Yorker’s Publisher, Lisa Hughes on the magazine’s popular yearly event. (left: a snippet of Barry Blitt’s poster for the event, one of three posters commissioned)

And Over at The Daily News…

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Jet Beginning today and continuing for the next two weeks, Bob Eckstein (who signs his work, “bob”) will be substituting for Daily News cartoonist, Bill BramhallLink here to Eckstein’s Daily News page.

Link here to see Mr. Eckstein’s New Yorker work.

(above: Eckstein in The Daily News)