Interviews: Carolita Johnson, BEK; A Very Close-look at The New Yorker’s Tenth Issue

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carolitaFrom, April 17, 2015, “Schoolin’ Life: Carolita Johnson” this interview with Ms. Johnson



bekFrom, April 25, 2015, “Not My Job: New Yorker Cartoonist ‘BEK’ Gets Quizzed on Burger King”

— an audio interview with Bruce Eric Kaplan.




10th issueAttempted Bloggery continues its fascinating close-look series at The New Yorker’s earliest issues. Issue #10 (April 25, 1925) is now ready for your inspection.

Harry Bliss to Speak; Forgotten Caricaturists

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From The Vermont Standard, April 23, 2015, “Cartoonist Harry Bliss to Speak at Library Gala”

Here’s a link to his website, and here’s a link to The New Yorker’s Cartoon Bank site where you’ll find more examples of his work.



















From Print, April 21, 2015,“Forgotten Caricaturists Remembered”.

Steven Heller’s piece ties in to an event at the Society of Illustrators on May 6.  Drew Friedman and Stephen Kroninger will present “12 Legendary Caricaturists You’ve, (probably), Never Heard Of.”

Above: Groucho & Harpo by New Yorker contributor, William Auerbach-Levy



Christopher Weyant has returned for a second run as The New Yorker’s Daily Cartoonist…Congrats to Roz Chast who has received a Heinz AwardLiza Donnelly has been live tweet-drawing the 3 day Women in the World Summit at NYC’s Lincoln Center. Tina Brown hosts.  Check out Ms. Donnelly’s drawings on Twitter @lizadonnelly.

Books of Interest: A Harvey Kurtzman Biography & A Box of Clowes

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KurtzmanLooking forward to this forthcoming biography of the late great Harvey Kurtzman.  Due May 2nd from Fantagraphics.





While you’re waiting for the biography to be released you might want to check out  Mr. Kurtzman’s autobiography, My Life As A Cartoonist  (Aladdin; First Minstrel Books, 1988)

My Life As









ClowesAlso coming from Fantagraphics (in June), this boxed set from Daniel Clowes.  The New Yorker’s Francoise Mouly and Mina Kaneko recently talked to Clowes about The Complete Eightball.

Book of Interest: Between You & Me

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NorrisFor any fan of The New Yorker, and/or any fan of punctuation, and/or pencils,  this is the book for you. The final chapter, “F*ck This Sh*t” is the funniest thing I’ve read in decades.

[full disclosure: although Ms. Norris and I arrived at The New Yorker within months of each other nearly forty years ago, we’ve never met]

A Close-look at The New Yorker’s Ninth Issue

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NYer's 9th




Thanks to Attempted Bloggery, we can take a close look at The New Yorker’s ninth issue. Go look!

Q&A with BEK (Bruce Eric Kaplan)

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BEKsFrom Word & Film, April 16, 2015,  “Q&A With ‘I Was A Child’ Writer-Cartoonist Bruce Eric Kaplan”

Screen shot 2014-08-31 at 4.50.41 PM





Fave Photos of the Week: Booth, Donnelly, Wheeler; Avi Steinberg on Pencils

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Two fave photos this week: Liza Donnelly with George Booth at The New Yorker

Donnelly & Booth April 2015













and Shannon Wheeler with Mr. Booth.



Wheeler & Booth  4:15






Avi Steinberg is showing us his pencils & paper (and ink and eraser) this week on A Case For Pencils

Arno Travels Well

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Arno @ 1WTC















When The New Yorker moved downtown from midtown this past February, it was reassuring (and yes, exciting) to note that a fragment of Thurber illustrated wall from the magazine’s second home at 25 West 43rd Street went along for the ride and was promptly reinstalled.

Also exciting: the framed print of one of Peter Arno’s masterpieces, “Well, back to the old drawing board” that was once displayed on the 20th floor at 4 Times Square also traveled downtown to the 38th floor of 1 World Trade Center. (photo above courtesy of Liza Donnelly)

Here’s how Arnos drawing  looked in the magazine the week it was published March 1, 1941.

Drawing board


Ink Spill’s Fave Photo of the Day: Walsh, Schwartz & Dator; “I Only Read It For the Cartoons” Author to Speak at the New York Public Library

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Ink Spill’s Fave Photo of the Day (courtesy of Joe Dator):

Liam Walsh, Ben Schwartz and Joe Dator working on a podcast (a link to the podcast will be posted here once there’s a link to post)

JD & Co.





Richard Gehr, author of I Only Read It For the Cartoons will speak  at The New York Public Library on April 15th. The book is a collection of interviews with a bevy of the magazine’s artists including Sam Gross, Lee Lorenz, and Arnie Levin.

All the details here

BEK (Bruce Eric Kaplan) at The Rubin Discussing Memory

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Screen shot 2014-08-31 at 4.50.41 PMBruce Eric Kaplan, (or BEK as New Yorker cartoon enthusiasts know him) will be appearing at The Rubin Museum April 15th in conversation with memory specialist Barry Gordon.  All the information here

BEK’s latest book, I Was A Child: A Memoir, will be in bookstores April 14th.

Link here to his New Yorker work.