Video: Joe Dator Shows Us a Rejected New Yorker piece; On the Radio Today: Bob Mankoff & Jack Ziegler

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Joe Dator


















From Dead Darlings (mentioned on Ink Spill earlier this month) this You Tube video of Joe Dator, who takes us through a two page spread rejected by The New Yorker.













This morning on the Colin McEnroe show,  “What It’s Like to (try to) Make Cartoons for The New Yorker” featuring Bob Mankoff and Jack Ziegler, among others You can listen here live.

Mimi Pond Talks to The Comics Reporter About Her New Memoir

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OE_frontcoverIt seems 2014 is turning into the year of memoirs by cartoonists.  Just this week we saw the release of The New Yorker cartoon editor’s How About Never — Is Never Good For You? Roz Chast has one coming in early May (Can’t We Talk About Something More Pleasant?) And on April 15, the first volume of Mimi Pond’s memoirs, Over Easy, will be out.  Here’s a link to an excellent interview with her about her forthcoming book.

Ms. Pond’s work appeared in The New Yorker March 21, 1994 — a strip called “How Low Will You Go?”

“60 Minutes” airs The Cartoonist

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60 Minutes

In last night’s installment of 60 Minutes, Morley Safer & Company brought us “The Cartoonist” — a look at the weekly selection process for New Yorker cartoons, a glimpse of some of the cartoonists who show up at the magazine’s office every Tuesday, a peek at Editor David Remnick choosing which cartoons to buy, and a min-profile of the magazine’s current cartoon editor, Bob Mankoff.

An impressive number of cartoonists managed on-screen time in the thirteen-and-a-half minute segment including Robert Leighton, Paul Noth, Joe Dator, Bob Eckstein, Marisa Marchetto, Drew Dernavich, Corey Pandolph, Carolita Johnson, Emily Flake, Sam Gross, Mort Gerberg, Farley Katz, Charlie Hankin, Ben Schwartz, David Sipress and Roz Chast.  Go to The New Yorker‘s Cartoon Bank site to see work by any or all of these cartoonists.

Also, as you’d expect, a good number of cartoons went flashing by on the screen, including, the one below, only one of  two published in The New Yorker by J.S. Cook (both in 1927). j s cook

Bob Mankoff Website Launched!

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Bob:websiteFor all those lovers of the  New Yorker Cartoon (and Cartoonists), this is shaping up to be quite a week.

How About Never — Is Never Good For You?  a memoir by The New Yorker‘s cartoon editor, Bob Mankoff, is just hitting the bookstores, and now we have a brand new website, to spend time in/on/with.  Mr. Mankoff has hundreds of his  New Yorker cartoons available to view (helpfully categorized) as well as a “best of” section of his blogs [full disclosure: one of them, Cartoon Bibles, is mine from a guest blog appearance], and he promises  blog posts to come.  Of particular note for those wishing to see Mr. Mankoff at a book signing or lecture is an area devoted to upcoming appearances (of which there are many). So go and have fun exploring:

Finally this week, as noted in yesterday’s Ink Spill, “60 Minutes” will broadcast a segment on New Yorker cartoons & cartoonists this coming Sunday (tomorrow).  This is truly must-see tv for New Yorker cartoon aficionados.


“60 Minutes” to Air Segment on The New Yorker’s Cartoon Department

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60 Minutes will take a look at The New Yorker‘s cartoonists this coming Sunday.  Here’s a brief clip from the show, and here’s how the CBS website describes the segment:

[Morley] Safer reports on the cartoon selection process at The New Yorker, interviewing the cartoonists, their editor, Bob Mankoff, and The New Yorker editor David Remnick. Safer’s story will be broadcast on 60 Minutes, Sunday, March 23 at 7 p.m. ET/PT.


Screen grab above: David Remnick looking at one of the many cartoons that come across his desk each week.

Ink Spill’s New Yorker Cartoonists Library

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Library:Ink Spill


When I began Ink Spill back in 2008 one of the major sections planned for its future was a library of collections by New Yorker cartoonists. I’m more than pleased to announce that work has been underway for the past few months to build the library and it is now stocked with titles.  Not fully stocked, but well on its way.  Certain cartoonists are yet to be represented (no John Held, Jr. or Bruce Eric Kaplan yet) while others who are represented (like Ludwig Bemelmans, for example) need lots of fleshing out. This is an on-going endeavor with scans of book covers and publishing information continually added.

The library is an attempt to build a comprehensive collection of books (titles and covers)  by the magazine’s artists, including some of the books they illustrated.  In the case where a cartoonist did not publish a collection of their work, we’ve included a book or books they illustrated or wrote/edited (Roberta Macdonald is one example, Julia Suits is another) We’ve also added a number of illustrated books by cartoonists who do have collections (Steinberg, for instance), but the library is by no means trying to be inclusive of all illustrated books.

The  Library draws heavily on our personal collection but is not a catalog of the collection.   Chris Wheeler and Warren Bernard  contributed some of the rarer cover scans. Other images were pulled from various online sources.  I am particularly indebted to Gretchen Maslin, who is archiving the materials and has built the library.  She comes to Ink Spill having worked in Special Collections at the Vassar College Library as well as The New Yorker‘s library.

To enter the Library just click on the new icon to the left (“The New Yorker Cartoonists Library”) or click here.

NYTs Review: Bob Mankoff’s Memoir; New Yorker Cartoons Live on Late Night with Seth Meyers

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From The New York Times, March 19, 2014, “If He Says It’s Funny, It’s Funny” — Janet Maslin (no relation) reviews a memoir by The New Yorker‘s current cartoon editor.

The Entertainment Weekly review, March 19, 2014,  “How About Never — Is Never Good For You?”  by Darren Franich.

























Last night’s “Late Night” guests included The New Yorker‘s editor, David Remnick, who gamely stood by with host Seth Meyers as four New Yorker cartoons were brought to life by the Late Night Players. The live action pieces were based on cartoons by Arnie Levin, Matthew Diffee, Zach Kanin, and Paul Noth.


See the original cartoons:

Arnie Levin

Matthew Diffee

Zach Kanin

Paul Noth


Liam Walsh interviews Charlie & the Chocolate Factory Illustrator

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From, March 18, 2014, “I Still Enjoy What A Line Can Do” — on the 50th anniversary of the publication of Roald Dahl’s classic, “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” Liam Walsh interviews the book’s illustrator, Joseph Schindelman.

Link here to Liam Walsh’s website.

Harry Bliss on being a Sendak Fellow: “It’s Quite an Honor…He Inspired the Hell Out of Me.”

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According to a Facebook post by Harry Bliss, he is a winner of the 2014 Sendak Fellowship.  From the Fellowship letter posted by Mr. Bliss:

The Fellowship was established in 2010 as a residency program for artists who tell stories with illustrations.”

Bliss has been contributing cartoons  and covers to The New Yorker since January of 1998.  Visit his website here.


I asked Mr. Bliss if he’d care to comment on winning the Fellowship and here’s how he responded today in an email:

“It’s quite an honor. I knew Maurice, he was a friend, and I miss him. He inspired the hell out of me…and depressed me, all the while making me laugh with his irreverent wit.

I’ll be in residence at Sendak’s farm in upstate New York this summer along with Fellow, Nora Krug for five weeks working on a graphic novel for Penguin, but I’m sure I’ll be filling up sketchbooks with water colors/drawings of some of the farm animals too.  Looking forward to it.” 

You can see some of Harry Bliss’  New Yorker work here on the magazine’s Cartoon Bank site.


Photo from Bliss’ New Yorker bio.

Feggo’s winning poster

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From DNAinfo New York, March 11, 2014, “Uptown Cartoonist’s Whimsical Work to Grace Art Stroll Posters”

– this piece on the winning poster by Felipe Galindo (aka feggo)

Link here to Mr. Galindo’s website