A Case For Pencils — The Backstory

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A Case



Here’s the origin story for Jane Mattimoe’s increasingly interesting  blog on New Yorker cartoonists talking about the tools of their trade.

New New Yorker Cover Exhibit at the Westport Historical Society

Posted on 28th September 2015 in News

WestportCheck out this new  Westport Historical Society exhibit featuring New Yorker covers by Westport area New Yorker artists  along with photographs of many of the Westport scenes that inspired the covers.  Read all about it here (including the details of a forthcoming conversation with The New Yorker‘s former Art Editor, Lee Lorenz).

Also: Read about The New Yorker in Westport (below), a limited edition coffee table book just published by the Society.


Exhibit: John Norment’s Watercolors

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There will be an exhibit of the late John Norment’s watercolors at the Leclerc Contemporary Gallery beginning October 22nd, and running through November 8th.

Info: Leclerc Contemporary Gallery,
19 Willard Road, Norwalk, CT 06851
located at the Fairfield County Antique and Design Center


Here’s Ink Spill‘s John Norment New Yorker Cartoonists A- Z entry:

Born, Lebanon, Tennessee, 1911.  Died, Westport, Connecticut, 1988.  New Yorker work: fourteen drawings and two covers, between 1969 and 1982.  According to his website (run by his niece) Norment had  a long, wide ranging career, working as assistant art director for Esquire, as an editor at Dell for their humor publications ( such as 1,000 Laughs, You’ve Gotta  Be Joking), a World War 2 combat photographer-correspondent, a professional photographer, a painter, a writer and a vocalist.  More information about his life and work can be found here: johnnorment.com/about.htmnorment 2



Carolita Johnson Pencilled

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tumblr_inline_nv3n72hBSn1sj0qh6_500Carolita Johnson is this week’s subject on Jane Mattimoe’s wonderful blog, A Case For Pencils.  Check it out here.

( you’ll find an array of links for Ms. Johnson’s work on the Pencils piece)

Left: a Johnson work-in-progress

Video: David Sipress on Making A Cartoon

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From newyorker.com, this short video, “The Making of a Cartoon”  featuring David Sipress  working, as all New Yorker cartoonists do,  at a small table in an empty playground.

Glen Le Lievre Speaks Down Under

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glenIf you’re in the land down under on October 3rd, you can see Glen Le Lievre speak.

Here’s a link to the event.

and a link to his website.

Happy 98th Birthday, Frank Modell!

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The one-and-only Frank Modell turned 98 the other day. Happy Birthday, Frank!

This is an excellent time to remind Ink Spill visitors about a wonderful book James Stevenson published a couple of years ago about his good friend:   The Life, Loves and Laughs of Frank Modell









A Columbus Conversation with Mouly & Spiegelman

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newyorker_1993-02-15_artspiegelman-bigIf you’re in Columbus, Ohio on the 3rd of October you’ll have the opportunity to see The New Yorker‘s cover editor, Francoise Mouly, and her husband, Art Spiegelman (Maus) in conversation with Jeff Smith (Bone).  Details here.

Cooper Union’s Online Gallery of Published & Rejected Work By Edward Sorel, Jon Agee & Liana Finck

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Cooper Union is celebrating The New Yorker‘s 90th birthday with an online gallery of work by three of its alums: Edward Sorel, Jon Agee, and Liana Finck.  (shown: a proposed Sorel cover sketch from 2008)

Edward Sorel’s website

Jon Agee’s website

Liana Finck’s website

Blog of Interest: Peter Steiner’s “Hopeless But Not Serious”

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9-14-2015-Frank-GehryPeter Steiner, who is responsible for the the most reprinted New Yorker cartoon in modern times, has been posting some wonderful new work on his blog, Hopeless But Not Serious. (left: Mr. Steiner’s most recent drawing: The Great Frank Gehry)

Link here to Peter Steiner’s website.