Liana Finck on Cartoonists Panel

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liana_lowres(1)Liana Finck, a New Yorker cartoonist since 2013, will be part of a panel discussion at the Museum of Jewish Heritage this coming Wednesday. Information here.  Her latest book is A Bintel Brief: Love and Longing in Old New York ( Ecco, 2014).

Dernavich Interviewed; Chast to speak

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dernavich_selfportraitFrom the Psychology Today website, April 18, 2014, A Cartoon Maestro Talks Comedy”– an interview with Drew Dernavich (self portrait to the left).

Link to Mr. Dernavich’s blog here.






61BX+et476L._SX258_BO1,204,203,200_ Roz Chast will venture up to Cambridge next month, the day after her new book (pictured left) hits book stores. Details here.


Link to Ms. Chast’s website here.

Favorite Photo of the Day: Sam Gross, Felipe Galindo & George Booth

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Gross, Galindo & Booth

Felipe Galindo posted this great photo on FB today.  Taken on Tuesday afternoon at Pergolas, a favorite New Yorker cartoonists “look day” restaurant.

Left to right: Sam Gross, Felipe Galindo, George Booth

More Mankoff; Tom Bachtell Interview(s); Liana Finck in conversation with Liza Donnelly

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images-1Here’re a few recent pieces on the New Yorker‘s current cartoon editor, Bob Mankoff, as he ranges far and wide in support of his new book, How About Never — Is Never Good For You?


From The Boston Globe, April 15, “Editor Bob Mankoff on the evolution of New Yorker cartoons”


From The Buffalo News, April 15, 2014, “How About Never — Is Never Good For You?”

From the BBC, April 10, 2014, this piece with video,   “New Yorker cartoons: Editor Bob Mankoff on what’s funny”





The New Yorker‘s Talk of Town section is illustrator Tom Bachtell’s playground, graphically speaking (Bachtell’s Philip Roth appears to the left).  Here’s a recent interview with him as well as a video from 2011:

From Frail Friend, April 2014,  “Big Interview — Tom Bachtell”

From, “Talking Pictures”

Link here to Tom Bachtell’s website.




finckdonnely_eventThis coming Friday, April 18, Liza Donnelly will be in conversation with Liana Finck at Brooklyn’s  Book Court. The event celebrates the release of Ms. Finck’s new book, A Bintel Brief. Here’s all the information.

Link to Liza Donnelly’s New Yorker work.

Link to Liana Finck’s New Yorker work.


Monday Miscellany: Mick Stevens does the Daily; Donnelly Live Tweets Mad Men; Video: Andre Francois; Westport New Yorker Family Reunion follow-up

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Mick Stevens takes over The New Yorker‘s Daily Cartoon today.  He talks about it here.









Liza Donnelly

was busy live tweet drawing the Mad Men season premier last night.  The New Yorker Culture Desk has gathered her drawings in a slide show.


Link to Liza Donnelly’s blog.






Here’s a 26 minute film by Sarah Moon of the late New Yorker cover artist Andre Francois, who contributed 55 covers to the magazine.  His first was April 20, 1963 and his last, July 1, 1991.  He also contributed two interior pieces to the magazine, one of which, in the May 7, 2001 issue, was the last appearance of his work in The New Yorker.

Here’s a link to the Mr. Francois’ Wiki bio

And here’s a link to his work on The New Yorker’s Cartoon Bank site.




Cover Story

As mentioned a few days ago here, there was a Westport New Yorker family reunion held as a tie-in to the ongoing exhibit, “Cover Story: The New Yorker in Wesport”  at The Westport Historical Society.  Here’s a piece, “Recalling Their New Yorker Cover Parents” dated April 12, 2014, from Westport Now, about the event.





Liza Donnelly in Conversation with Ana von Rebeur at The Society of Illustrators

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anaLiza Donnelly will be in conversation with Argentinian cartoonist Ana von Rebeur this coming Thursday, April 17, at The Society of Illustrators.

Details here

Video: Pat Byrnes reads from “Captain Dad”

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Pat ByrnesFrom The Dinner Party, this four minute video of Pat Byrnes reading from his book,  Captain Dad.

Capt. Dad



Visit Mr. Byrnes’ website here.



Tina Brown: “Cartoonists were the most hostile of them all”

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From Bloomberg TV, this short video covering Tina Brown’s media career (thus far): “When Tina Brown Knew Newsweek Couldn’t Be Saved”  –  included is a brief mention of her first days at The New Yorker (@ 1:09) and a comment regarding the magazine’s cartoonists.



Timeline of New Yorker editors:

Harold Ross (who founded The New Yorker):  1925 – 1951

William Shawn: 1952 – 1987

Robert Gottlieb: 1987 – 1992

Tina Brown: 1992 – 1998

David Remnick: 1998 – present



Wheeler signs tonight at JHU; Publishers Weekly reports on MoCCA Arts Fest 2014; Begley’s “Updike” out today

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Shannon Wheeler has come east and  is signing tonight at JHU Comic Books 36 East 36th St. from 6 – 8.
From the JHU FB page:
Tonight, come out and meet some of the best creators of the indie scene, as we celebrate our love for independant artists and writers who have taken the medium to new and exciting levels! Vivek J. Tiwary, Dan Goldman, Shannon Wheeler and Mark Russell all under one roof!
See Mr. Wheeler’s New Yorker work here.
From Publishers Weekly, April 8, 2014, “It’s a Good MoCCA Festival Charlie Brown!”
– a wrap-up of the event held this past weekend.
Adam Begley’s biography of John Updike is out today.

“The New Yorker Family Reunion Panel” at Westport Historical Society; Liana Finck signing A Bintel Brief at MoCCA Arts Fest; Bob Mankoff Book Tour Rolls On

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“The New Yorker Family Reunion Panel” featuring children of Golden Age New Yorker artists, Alice Harvey, Perry Barlow, Edna Eicke, Arthur Getz and Whitney Darrow, Jr., Saturday, April 12th at The Westport Historical Society. Also on the panel: the children of James Geraghty, the magazine’s Art Editor from 1939 through 1973.  You can find examples of work by the artists on The New Yorker‘s Cartoon Bank site.






(photo of The New Yorker Albums by Michael Maslin)




A Bintel Brief















If you’d like to secure a copy of Liana Finck‘s soon-to-be-released book, A Bintel Brief, she’ll be at the MoCCA Arts Fest this weekend signing copies.

















Bob Mankoff, The New Yorker‘s current Cartoon Editor is on the road promoting his new book, How About Never — Is Never Good for You?  This latest report comes from The Princeton Packet.