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About Ink Spill

When this site was launched its focus was on my work, especially my work at The New Yorker. In a matter of days after the launch I decided to create an offshoot called Ink Spill. Its focus is on all New Yorker cartoonists and their work. Ink Spill not only lists news and events, it also spotlights New Yorker cartoonist-related material from the past and, if possible,  offers links to that material. The New Yorker Cartoonists A-Z, The New Yorker Cartoonists Library and From The Attic  all contain material spanning the history of the magazine's cartoonists.  The Links section is constantly being updated to include New Yorker cartoonists' websites and/or blogs links.




Peter Arno: The Mad Mad World of The New Yorker's Greatest Cartoonist  (Regan Arts, 2016)

I began this biography of Arno in 1999.  Published by Regan Arts, April 2016.


Cartoon Marriage

A collection of work by Liza Donnelly and myself, with a cover illustration inspired by George Herriman.  The book  includes previously unpublished cartoons and features an autobiographical graphic narrative.  Published by Random House, January 2009.




There  ( …At The New Yorker )

A memoir recalling the path taken by this cartoonist on the way to a career at The New Yorker as well as the people and events encountered at the magazine throughout the past three going-on-four decades.  The memoir may eventually run in installments on this site.



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