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Websightings: A Matthew Diffee two-fer, in Print, and on the air ; Bob Eckstein on NPR ; Ward Sutton's "Impact" ; Updike's "Due Considerations" Boston Globe review

From Print Magazine, Emdashes' Emily Gordon's interview with Matthew Diffee: http://www.printmag.com/
and from NPR's Bryant Park Project, this feature from December 14, 2007 ( with Carolita Johnson): http://www.npr.org/

Also from NPR, this December 11, 2007 interview with The Snowman Expert himself, Bob Eckstein: http://www.publicbroadcasting.net/

From The Daily Cartoonist, this April 19, 2007 piece "Ward Sutton ends 'Sutten Impact'": http://dailcartoonist.com/

From The Boston Globe, this recent review of John Updike's Due Considerations: Essays and Criticism: http://www.boston.com/

Old Book!