New Book!

Gross Book Reissued, New Books: Steig, Harris; Websighting: Edward Koren

Gross Book Reissued, New Books: Steig, Harris:
Sam Gross' classic 1977 collection I Am Blind and My Dog Is Dead is being reissued, in hardcover, this November 1st by Overlook Hardcover... On September 15th, Yale University Press brings us The Art of William Steig, Edited by Claudia J. Nahson, with Contributors Robert Cottingham, Edward Sorel, and Maggie Steig. Preface by Maurice Sendak...On December 26th, Bloomsbury USA publishes 101 Funny Things About Global Warming by Sydney Harris and Colleagues ( including Lee Lorenz and Sam Gross)

Websighting: Edward Koren:
"Profiles in Business: Edward Koren and the economics of cartooning" by Joyce Marcel from Vermont Business Magazine, May 1, 2004 http://findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_qa3675/is_200405/ai_n9384224

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