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Blogspottings: Mick Stevens' "12 Days (Or More) of Christmas" ; Lynch link to Goofbutton & Dedini drawings; Websightings: Syd Hoff Website added to Links ; Cream of Crap / NPR

Blogspotting: Mick Stevens' latest post "The 12 Days (Or More) of Christmas" concerns the cartoonist's woes of thinking Christmas too late: http://mstevens-ireallyshouldbedrawing.blogspot.com/

Mike Lynch Cartoons recently linked to Goofbutton who ran Eldon Dedini illustrations accompanying Max Shulman's 1959 effort, Barefoot Boy With Cheek: http://mikelynchcartoons.blogspot.com/

A website devoted to Syd Hoff is up and running courtesy of his niece, Carol Edmonston. Note: the site has been added to the Links and Library section: http://www.sydhoff.org/

NPR's Bryant Park Project visits with Matt Diffee to discuss The Rejection Collection Vol. 2.: The Cream of the Crap ( funny moment: the reporter is unwilling to say "Crap" on the air) Link courtesy of JS: http://www.npr.org/

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