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2 Websites and a Blog Added; Websightings: Peter Steiner; Sorel on Saxon; And: Arno

Two Websites and a Blog Added:
Addresses for Julia Suits' website and Kim Warp's website now added to the Links section as is Emily Hopkins' blog

"It Was Nice", a profile of Charles Saxon by Edward Sorel in American Heritage Magazine, November 1997 http://www.americanheritage.com/articles/magazine/ah/1997/7/1997_7_90.shtml

"Living The Creative Life", four short talks on creativity delivered by Peter Steiner at Dickinson College, May 2004 http://cfserv.dickinson.edu/magazine/summer04/feature6.html

A magazine profile of Peter Arno is in the works. The piece, by Ben Schwartz, will reportedly appear in an upcoming issue of Vanity Fair

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