New Book!

Coming soon: Ink Spill — the blog

Ink Spill, clinging to the apron strings of my home site since the summer of 2007 will soon be out on its own in the blogosphere.  Michaelmaslin.com will stay intact but most of my attention will be—as it has been for several years—devoted to Ink Spill.

Weeks after I began Ink Spill as a site within a site dedicated to New Yorker cartoonists, it became obvious to me that it would and should one day be a separate entity from michaelmaslin.com.  The blog format will give me greater flexibility for what I post and how I post it.   

The backbone of Ink Spill, "News and Events," will be transferred to the blog as will "The New Yorker Cartoonists A—Z," ""Links," ""Posted Notes," and "From the Attic."

A new button will soon appear on this site that will lead you to the Ink Spill blog.


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