New Book!

A Note on the new homepage photograph

A Note on the New Homepage Photograph

In honor of The New Yorker's upcoming 86th birthday I removed these New Yorker Albums from their usual stress-free resting place and piled them up for a few seconds while I took the photo. 

I began collecting these Albums in 1975 -- it took almost thirty years to complete the collection.  It took that long because I decided I had to have all the volumes in their original dust jackets. This was not an easy thing to accomplish. Chris Wheeler, who runs a terrific site with the endlessly fascinating Cartoonists Gallery (check my Links section for the link to his site) generously provided me with the final missing piece just a few years back. 

As much as The Thurber Carnival and The New Yorker magazines, past and present, these Albums provided me -- and continue to provide me -- with an invaluable education. 


Old Book!