New Book!

Mankoff and Donnelly at The Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art; Society of Illustrators event with Chast, Kanin, Smaller and Dernavich

From Liza Donnelly's blog, whendotheyservethewine, November 12, 2010, this post "Conversation with Bob Mankoff and Me" (with photo): whendotheyservethewine.wordpress.com/ 

Related news:  this post from The New Yorker's Cartoon Bank blog concerning the upcoming Society of Illustrators book launch for Liza's When Do They Serve the Wine? -- the evening features a panel discussion, moderated by Liza, with  Roz Chast, Zach Kanin, Drew Dernavich, and Barbara Smaller :blog.cartoonbank.com/2010/11/12/liza-donnelly-on-voice/


Old Book!