New Book!

New Yorker Fest Note...and a further note.

An Ink Spill Note: Spent Sunday morning at The New Yorker headquarters...browsed through the New Yorker bookstore, finally getting a look at the NYer Book of Moms, and The NYer Book of Dads...a fine array of New Yorker cartoon collections layed out, as well as prints of cartoons, covers. Watched a miked Jack Ziegler entertain the crowd that had spilled out from behind a big black curtain at the conclusion of Bagels With Bob. Watched people watching Ziegler draw at the easel -- it never fails to amaze how much people enjoy watching cartoonists work. Heck -- I enjoy watching cartoonists work.
Further note: Ink Spill updates will no longer be posted daily. Pieces will be stored and posted throughout the week as time allows. Meantime, work continues on The New Yorker Cartoonists A - Z in the Library section.

Old Book!