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Liza Donnelly's "Portrait of the Cartoonist as a Woman"; Profile: Peter Steiner; Tim Burton's animated Addams Family

From Narrative,  June 2010, a graphic memoir from Liza Donnelly, Portrait of the Cartoonist as a Woman -- ( $6.00 donation to view the piece):

From  Connecticut's Lakeville Journal, June 24, 2010, "New Yorker cartoonist releases third in series" -- this profile of Peter Steiner ( Steiner discusses his latest book, The Terrorist as well as other aspects of his career, including painting and cartoons): www.tcextra.com/news/publish/sharon/New_Yorker_cartoonist_releases_third_thriller_in_series/1385400.shtml 

From cinamablend.com ( first reported on the site,  Coming Soon: www.comingsoon.net/news/movienews.php), "Tim Burton's Animated Addams Family Confirmed" -- this update: www.cinemablend.com/new/Tim-Burton-s-Animated-Addams-Family-Confirmed-19250.html

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