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Websites added: Martha Gradisher, Carol Lay ; Websightings: Art Spiegelman on NPR, Hilda Terry NY Sun obit, Gregory D'Alessio's Papers

Martha Gradisher's website added to the Links section. Gradisher first contributed to The New Yorker in 2006: http://www.mgradisher.com/

Carol Lay's website "Way Lay" added to the Links section; "Carol Lay" added to The New Yorker Cartoonists A - Z in Library section. Lay first contributed to The New Yorker in 1994: http://www.waylay.com/

"Intersections: Of 'Maus' and Spiegelman" -- an NPR Morning Edition interview with Art Spiegelman, Jan.26, 2004. The site contains numerous links to Spiegelman-related information, including other interviews. http://www.npr.org/

From the Oct. 18, 2006 New York Sun, this obit of Hilda Terry, with mention of her husband New Yorker cartoonist Gregory D'Alessio. http://www.nysun.com/

From Syracuse University Library, Gregory D' Alessio's Papers noted. http://library.syr.edu/

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