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Bernie Schoenbaum

Word has come from The Cartoon Bank that  Bernie Schoenbaum, a long time New Yorker cartoonist -- he began contributing in 1974, contributing close to 500 cartoons  --  passed away last Friday. Here's the CB's announcement: blog.cartoonbank.com/2010/05/11/bernard-schoenbaum/  

 And here's his amended Ink Spill bio ( portions provided by Bernie this past year):

Bernard Schoenbaum  Born and raised in New York City.  After receiving his art education at Parsons School of Design, he was a free-lance advertising illustrator for many years.  Appearing in The New Yorker since 1974, he was a contract cartoonist there.  His cartoons have been reprinted in books and periodicals worldwide and are also in many private collections.  His other endeavors included teaching the figure, life drawing, portrait sketching, oil painting and water colors.  These have also been privately collected.  He lived with his wife, Rhoda, a retired librarian, in Whitestone, New York with a winter residence in West Palm Beach, Florida.  He leaves his wife and their three daughters:  a graphic designer, a computer technician, and a charter school principal.

To see his New Yorker work, visit the Cartoon Bank: www.cartoonbank.com/bin/venda

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