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Video: Chicago Tribune Cartoonists, 1931

An edited version of a silent 1931 promotional film, "From Trees to Tribunes" with various cartoonists at their drawing boards.  (Mostly) smiling at the camera  [the following list taken from hugosleestak's Youtube post] are John T. McCutcheon, Gaar Williams, Carey Orr, Sidney Smith ("The Gumps"), Frank King ("Gasoline Alley"), Frank Willard("Moon Mullins"), Carl Ed, Martin Branner ("Winnie Winkle"), Walter Berndt ("Smitty"), and Harold Gray ("Little Orphan Annie").  According to hugosleestak's post, "the music is 1930's 'Medley of Paramount Music' and Ray De Costa's 'Whoopee.'": www.youtube.com/watch

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