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New Addams book! "Charles Addams: The Addams Family: An Evilution" ; Exhibit -- The New York Times reviews "Charles Addams's New York" ; From the Desk of Bob Mankoff: "The Humor of Humors"

From The New York Times, March 5, 2010. this review of the exhibit "Charles Addams's New York" now running at The Museum of the City of New York (the piece inclues a slideshow of Addam's work) : www.nytimes.com/2010/03/05/arts/design/05addams.html 

The review contains word of a new collection (due out March 31, 2010)  Charles Addams: The Addams Family: An Evilution by Kevin Miserochhi ( Pomergranate Art Books).  According to the product description on Amazon's site this is "the first book to trace The Addams Family history, presenting more than 200 cartoons created by Charles Addams (American, 1912-1988) throughout his prolific career; many have never been published before." 

From The New Yorker's website,  newyorker.com, March 4, 2010, "The Humor of Humors" a post "From the Desk of Bob Mankoff" ( Cartoon Editor of The New Yorker): www.newyorker.com/online/blogs/cartoonists/2010/03/humors.html

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