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Smilby (Francis Wilford-Smith): 1927 - 2009; Interview: John Klossner

From The Independent, January 7, 2010, "Smilby: Cartoonist, advertising artist and authority on the blues celebrated for his work in Punch and Playboy" -- this obituary.  Born Francis Wilford-Smith, Smilby's work appeared in The New Yorker from 1962 through 1971:  www.independent.co.uk/news/obituaries/smilby-cartoonist-advertising-artist-and-authority-on-the-blues-celebrated-for-his-work-in-punch-and-playboy-1859832.html

To see a small sample of Smilby's work for Punch, go here: www.punchcartoons.com/index.php

Another in the series from the blog, David-Wasting-Paper, January 10, 2010, "Cartoonist Survey #44" -- this interview with John Klossner: david-wasting-paper.blogspot.com/2010/01/cartoonist-survey-44.html



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