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BEK's new collection reviewed; Liza Donnelly on provocative cartoons; Crumb's Genesis

From Uinterview, undated post, "I Hate You, I Love You, I'm Hungry"  -- this review of Bruce Eric Kaplan's latest collection of cartoons "I Love You, I Hate You, I'm Hungry" : www.uinterview.com/review.php 

From Dscriber, January 8, 2010, "A few thoughts on provocative cartoons from a cartoonist" --  Liza Donnelly on cartoons and cartoonists making headlines: dscriber.com/home/980-a-few-thoughts-on-provocative-cartoons-from-a-cartoonist.html

From Dscriber, January 9, 2010, "Crumb's Genesis: hardcore Bible"  --  another look at Robert Crumb's recent effort: dscriber.com/

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