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Note: Library Addition ; Websightings: Roz Chast, Harry Bliss, Saul Steinberg, George Price

Note: Library Addition. The Library section of this site now begins with The New Yorker Cartoonists A - Z a lengthy and incomplete gathering of all cartoonists who've contributed to the magazine since its beginning. It's a work in progress. http://michaelmaslin.com/

From Mediabistro.com, this 2002 Q & A with Roz Chast: http://www.mediabistro.com/

From Comicspage.com this brief bio of Harry Bliss: http://www.comicspage.com/

"The World of Steinberg" Time Magazine's cover story of Steinberg (issue dated April 17, 1978 ): http://www.time.com/

"For George Price, Art Imitates Life, Sort Of" from The New York Times November 22, 1988, this profile of Price ( the print version ran with a great photo of Price taken by Anne Hall). http://query.nytimes.com/

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