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Chas Addams Birthday salute

From Mort Walker's The Best of Times, January 7, 2010, "Smiler in Greenwich..." this "salute" to Charles Addams, who was born January 7, 1912: thebestoftimesonline.blogspot.com/2010/01/smiler-in-greenwich.html   

 And here's a short promo for The Old Dark House, a William Castle film from 1963, with "stylings" by Charles Addams: www.youtube.com/watch 

Mike Lynch's has a nice birthday tribute to Chas on his blog:  mikelynchcartoons.blogspot.com/

The ECC Cartoonbooks Club posted "Addams and Evil: An Introduction" back on January 1 of this year: ecc-cartoonbooksclub.blogspot.com/2010/01/addams-and-evil-introduction-to-work-of.html

For lots more Addams, visit the official website: www.charlesaddams.com/





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