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Addams Family musical opens in Chicago to mixed reviews

From The Chicago Tribune, December 11, 2009, "Needs more 'Family' Time":  www.chicagotribune.com/entertainment/stage/ct-ott-addams-family-ovn-1211-20091210,0,7568642.story 

From The Chicago Sun-Times, December 10, 2009, "'Addams Family' is fabulously functional":www.suntimes.com/entertainment/weiss/1930909,addams-family-musical-review-121009.article

From California Chronicle, December 13, 2009, "Flaws Run in the 'Family'": www.californiachronicle.com/articles/yb/138779916 

For more information on the musical, including links to news and reviews, visit the official website: www.theaddamsfamilymusical.com/news.php

And then there's always the official Charles Addams website:  www.charlesaddams.com/

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