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In Search of...Al Kaufman; Best Comics of the 00s; Crumb, Spiegelman & Mouly in Texas

In Search of...

this is  the first in a series of queries to Ink Spill visitors.  There are a number of New Yorker cartoonists whose bios have eluded me over the years.  Even the barest of facts, like birthplace, birthdate, are not available through internet searches, or my other avenues of research ( such as The New Yorker's library, and my own collection of various cartoon anthologies, and catalogs of exhibits that carry biographies). 

Al Kaufman, who published in The New Yorker from December 13, 1947 through July 10, 1978 is the first name I'll offer up to Ink Spillers. If you have any information regarding Mr. Kaufman please write to me through this site by going to the Contact button on the right side of this page.  Many thanks.        


From avclub.com.,  November 24, 2009, "Best Comics of the 00s" ( with Chris Ware, Seth, and more):  www.avclub.com/articles/the-best-comics-of-the-00s,35713/2/ 

From The Rumpus,  November 24, 2009, "R. Crumb and Spiegelman Talk Comics", this account of a recent appearance by Robert Crumb,  Art Spiegelman and The New Yorker's Art editor, Francoise Mouly at The University of Texas: therumpus.net/2009/11/r-crumb-and-art-spiegelman-talk-comics/

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