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Websightings: M.K. Brown's website; A 1979 Time Magazine review of books by Frank Modell, Jack Ziegler, and Michael Witte ; Arthur Getz's website

"M.K.Brown Online" -- lots to look at and behold at M. K. Brown's official site ( and... her site added to Links section) http://www.benway.com/

From the January 8, 1979 issue of Time Magazine, three brief reviews: Frank Modell's Stop Trying To Cheer Me Up, Michael Witte's Book of Terns, and Jack Ziegler's Hamburger Madness: http://www.time.com/

"The Art of Arthur Getz" -- Getz was the New Yorker cover artist equivalent of cartoonist George Price. Price, who contributed more than 1,200 drawings to the magazine had one New Yorker cover ( December 25, 1965). Getz who contributed 213 covers to the magazine had one New Yorker drawing ( March 15, 1958). Getz's website includes this biography: http://www.getzart.com/

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