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Genesis of the Addams Family musical; Liz Smith, cartoonist?; Chast exhibit in N. Mexico

From The Chicago Sun-Times, November 15, 2009, "A Family portrait", this piece on the evolution of the upcoming musical based on Charles Addams'  mysterious and spooky characters: www.suntimes.com/entertainment/1883010,addams-family-111509.article  

From Wowowow.com, November 13, 2009, "Liz Smith, Cartoonist?", this piece on the columnist's habit: www.wowowow.com/entertainment/liz-smith-cartoonist-407180

From The Gerald Peters Gallery ( Sante Fe, NM), "Roz Chast" , information  on the current Chast exhibit ( November  13 - December 18, 2009): www.gpgallery.com/exhibitions/view/132



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