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"A Giggle of Cartoonists": Sorel, Koren, Feiffer, Danziger; Bob Mankoff on David Marc Fischer

From Nellie Blog, August 13, 2009,  "A giggle of cartoonists"  -- this post on yesterday's panel discussion at Dartmouth College. The panelists:  Edward Sorel, Jules Feiffer, Jeff Danziger, and Edward Koren: nellieblogs.blogspot.com/2009/08/giggle-of-cartoonists-yesterday.html

From Emdashes, August 13, 2009, "Bob Mankoff on David Marc Fischer, the Winningest  Non-Winner We Knew": emdashes.com/2009/08/bob-mankoff-on-david-marc-fisc.php

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