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Arno and the Fair


    Back in 1939,  Harold Ross cranked up The New Yorker's New York World's Fair coverage big time. One of the results:  Peter Arno's beautiful Fair cover for the issue of May 11, 1940 ( see it here, courtesy of The New Yorker's CartoonBank site: www.cartoonbank.com/product_details_zoom.asp  ).  Arno also provided illustrations as well as the holiday-ish red white and blue  cover for the 1939 publication pictured below,   Food At The Fair: A Gastronomic Tour of the World,  written by theatrical producer and gourmet, Crosby Gaige. 

    Ross was photographed at the Fair with his daughter, Patty -- the photo appears in Thomas Kunkel's Ross bio, Genuis in Diguise, p. 341.  Arno also visited the Fair and was photographed at The French Pavilion, sitting side by side with his then girl friend, Brenda Frazier -- the  photo appears in Brendan Gill's Here At The New Yorker, p.141.

   And if you can lay your hand on one,  check out the April 29, 1939 New Yorker featuring  a great Thurber World's Fair cover ( see it here, via the Cartoon Bank: www.cartoonbank.com/product_details_zoom.asp ), as well as a  Carl Rose two-page center of the magazine spread( "The New Yorker's Map of the World of Tomorrow together with an Index to its Principal Features").   To see  the Carl Rose entry in The New Yorker Cartoonists A -Z, go here: michaelmaslin.com/index.php  

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