New Book!

Sam Cobean's "Dream Cartoons"

    Browsing through the enormous humor section at a local library book sale  this past weekend, I was fortunate to come across this 1952  paperback  of Sam Cobean's 1950 collection, Naked Eye (pictured below).  Finding the book caused me to revisit  "Sam Cobean's World" at www.samcobean.com/ to reread his biography. 

   Something I missed the first time around:  In 1945 Cobean's first  "thought bubble" or "dream cartoon" (as the site sometimes calls them) appeared in The New Yorker ( an example of the dream cartoon appears on the cover of Naked Eye).  Quoting from the site's biography:

"For the next two years these "thought bubble" cartoons were his alone.  Eventually, Cobean's innovation was copied by other cartoonists [ including this one], both in The New Yorker and other national magazines."


Old Book!