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Websightings: R.Crumb on NPR , Fernando Krahn, B.Kliban

Websightings: R.Crumb on NPR, Fernando Krahn, B. Kliban :
The R.Crumb Fresh Air interview from May 2, 2005 ( the page includes links to previous Crumb interviews) http://www.npr.org/

From Lambiek.net, this short bio of Fernando Krahn, who contributed to The New Yorker in 1963 and 1964. http://lambiek.net/

From Pomegranate, this bio of B. Kliban, who contributed one drawing to The New Yorker ( November 30th, 1963) http://pomegranate.stores.yahoo.net/
Kliban's NYTs obit appeared August 14th, 1990. Note: it will be available on the NYTs site midnight tonight (Tuesday Aug.18th, 07) free of charge.

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