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Fun Island; Humor piece by J.C.Duffy; Early Works by Noted Cartoonists


Fun Island

In Barnes & Noble the other day I nearly ran right into the fun display pictured below. The table was covered with  brightly colored (reissued) titles by Leo Cullum and Jack Ziegler,  piles of the paperback edition of The Complete Cartoons of The New Yorker. a "how-to" cartoon box set called Creating Cartoons,  The New Yorker Cartoon Caption Game,  and New Yorker mugs ( each emblazoned with a Barbara Smaller drawing).  And as long as the subject is New Yorker cartoon product,  I might as well mention the recently released jigsaw puzzle series featuring New Yorker cover art  ( included in the series is the very first New Yorker cover,  as well as a great Peter Arno cover from April 27, 1963, depicting quarreling taxi cab drivers).   




From Narrative, June 2009, "Over Easy", a humor piece by J.C. Duffy: http://narrativemagazine.com/issues/stories-week-2008-2009/over-easy


From the blog, Words and Pictures,  June 2, 2009, "Early Work by Noted Cartoonists" ( with Art Young and John Held Jr. content): smurfswacker.blogspot.com/2009/06/early-work-by-noted-cartoonists.html



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