New Book!

New Book: Zachary Kanin ; Websightings: W.B.Park, New Yorker Cartoon Caption Contest, Michael Shaw

New Book: Zachary Kanin :
Tomorrow is the official pub date for Zachary Kanin's The Short Book: Tall Stories, Freakish Facts, and the Long and Short of Being Small in a Great Big World (Black Dog & Leventhal Publishers). http://www.amazon.com/

Websightings: W.B. Park, New Yorker Cartoon Caption Contest, Michael Shaw :
W.B. Park's website added to the Links page -- his site includes this informative bio: http://www.wbpark.com/bio.html

From Newseek, December 6, 2006, "Behind the Scenes: At the Caption Contest": http://www.msnbc.msn.com/

From Rosebud, this short piece on Michael Shaw: http://www.graphicclassics.com/

Old Book!