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Morgan Library Exhibition of New Yorker Cartoons

On The Money: Cartoons for The New Yorker will open at The Morgan Library on January 23, 2009 and run through May 24, 2009. On exhibit will be approximately 80 original drawings culled from the Melvin R. Seiden collection.  Accompanying many of the drawings are Anne Hall's photographic portraits of the cartoonists.  Cartoonists in the show:

Ed Arno ( 1916 -2008); Perry Barlow (1892–1977); Charles Barsotti; George Booth; Roz Chast; Tom Cheney; Richard Cline; Frank Cotham; Leo Cullum; Whitney Darrow Jr. (1909–1999); Joseph Farris; Ed Fisher; Dana Fradon; William Hamilton; J. B. Handelsman (1922–2007); Helen E. Hokinson (1893–1949); Stan Hunt (1929–2006); Lee Lorenz; Michael Maslin; Joe Mirachi (1920–1991); W.B. Park; George Price (1902–1995); Donald Reilly (1933–2006); Mischa Richter (1910–2001); Carl Rose (1903-1971); Bernard Schoenbaum; Peter Steiner; Mick Stevens; James Stevenson; Mike Twohy; Robert Weber; Gluyas Williams (1888–1982); and Jack Ziegler.

Link to the Morgan's site: www.themorgan.org/exhibitions/exhibition.asp


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