New Book!

Bliss talks to Playboy; Spiegelman slide show; Supermen on the way

Harry Bliss posted this short Playboy interview, "Hauntingly Hysterical" on his website: www.harrybliss.com/news/index.php 

From The Times of London, November 21, 2008, this brief slide show, "Drawn from life"  featuring  work and the workplace of Art Spiegelman:  www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/template/2.0-0/element/pictureGalleryPopup.jsp   

Coming in February 2009 from Fantagraphics, Supermen,  by Greg Sadowski, with an introduction by Jonathan ( Fortress of Solitude) Lethem: www.amazon.com/Supermen-Greg-Sadowski/dp/1560979712/ref=sr_1_130


Old Book!