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Bruce Bairnsfather site added to the A -Z; Chris Ware & Seth speak; J.C. Duffy's Thanksgiving Procedure

Mark Warby has been researching Bruce Bairnsfather's life and work for three decades ( and since 1999 has edited the bi-monthly Old Bill Newsletter).  A link to his wonderful site dedicated to Bairsfather has been added to the New Yorker Cartoonists A -Z. 

 From Canada's Waterloo Record, "Comic Geniuses get graphic", November 24, 2008, this piece on a talk by Chris Ware and Seth: news.therecord.com/arts/article/448761

From Narrative Magazine,  "My Thanksgiving Procedure" by J. C. Duffy (link thanks to J.S.): narrativemagazine.com/issues/stories-week-2008/my-thanksgiving-procedure 


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