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Denys Wortman website added; Websightings: "Famous Cartoonist Series" buttons; This Little Gag Went...

Denys Wortman website added :
Wortman contributed cartoons to The New Yorker from 1929 through 1937. http://www.dwortman.com/

Websighting: "Famous Cartoonist Series" buttons. Produced in 1975, the set includes buttons bearing self portraits by Robert Crumb, Art Spiegelman, Gahan Wilson, and many others. http://deniskitchen.com/

"This Little Gag Went..." from Time, August 12, 1946 ( ref to Richard McCallister, Robert Day, Helen Hokinson, Barbara Shermund, George Price, Gardner Rea, Peter Arno...) http://www.time.com/

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