New Book!

Websighting: Librarie Super Heros; Edward Sorel's latest book; "All Smiles" New Yorker Festival post

From IVY Paris, "Paris BD Shop Profile: Librairie Super Heros" this piece on an interesting shop "smack dab in the middle of the city": http://www.ivyparisnews.com/

Edward Sorel's latest book The Mural at The Waverly Inn: A Portrait of Greenwich Village Bohemians ( Pantheon ) will hit bookstores on October 28th. From the Publisher's Weekly review, "The next best thing to securing reservations at the exclusive Waverly Inn in Manhattan's West Village might be owning this book of the Edward Sorel mural that presides over the establishment's dining room."

From Newyorker.com, October 4, 2008, "All Smiles" a blog post from The New Yorker Festival concerning the live caption contest ( scroll down for it): http://www.newyorker.com/

Old Book!