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Blogspotting: Felipe Galindo interviewed by Bob ( The Snowman Expert) Eckstein; Summer Note: Addams in the Attic

From Bob Eckstein's blog, Freelancerslament, this interview with Felipe Galindo (Feggo), August 17, 2008: http://freelancerslament.blogspot.com/

Addams in the Attic
One of my favorite things to do here in Maine (or anywhere really) is haunt used bookstores. On a rainy midafternoon weekend visit to a local shop which features odds n ends on the ground floor and a small but interesting number of books on the upper attic level, I found a beautiful paperback copy of Charles Addams' "Homebodies" ( originally published in hardcover by Simon & Schuster in 1954, this Pocket Cardinal first edition came out in 1964). I have trouble passing up cartoon collections, even when I already have a copy, and so I ended up bringing home perhaps my sixth copy of "Homebodies".

I had a blast revisiting this book. It contains few of Addams' more famous drawings, but that, in a way, makes it even more interesting. My all-time favorite of his is included here. The four primary members of the Addams Family are gathered at a large window. Outside it's dark and raining; the wind is furiously blowing the trees. Gomez says to his family, "Just the kind of day makes you feel good to be alive!"

Note: You can see a scan of "Homebodies" by visiting the From The Attic section of this site.

Old Book!